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Thread: Need help with 3g video calling in xperia neo

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    Need help with 3g video calling in xperia neo

    I had recently bought Xperia Neo. I am unable to get proper 3G video call on this. It is not working fine. I am having a unlimited 3G pack on the mobile phone. Downloads and internet surfing works fine. It is constant and does not fail. The only issue I am facing is making video calls. I am using Skype. The video call take long time to connect and once it is connected the sound quality is very bad with poor screen output.

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    Did you tried some other apps instead of skype. There are various other way through which you can make video calls. There are many chat messengers which you can also use. You just have to ask the person on the other way to install that and then you can make call. This will be again more easy. Some apps uses very less bandwidth for video calling while some requires wifi connection.

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    I am also having the same problem. When I make call on wifi it works really nice but when I make that on 3G it is poor. The screen is very dark and the audio quality is bad. This looks that the 3G connection is not providing the amount of bandwidth needed to make call. That is why it is so bad in terms of output. Test different apps as mentioned above and see what output you are getting.

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    Re: Need help with 3g video calling in xperia neo

    so what exactly is the solution to Sony Ericsson Xperia NEO video calling?
    what alternative do i have over traditional video calling?which app is the best for making video calls from phone to phone or phone to device?

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    Re: Need help with 3g video calling in xperia neo

    After going through some similar threads related to 3G video calling in Neo I found that this is what lacked in Android. Some phones have specially built hardware and software support, and the same is yet not present in Xperia Neo. I hope there might be some kind of patch released soon to fix the issue out. Mostly the problem is related to Android version of Xperia Neo.

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