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Thread: How to create system recovery on HP Probook 6460b

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    How to create system recovery on HP Probook 6460b

    I am using the HP Probook 6460b laptop. I am using Windows 7 on it. It is a new pc and I need a bit help to create a system recovery on the same. I am not able to find any option in Windows Start Menu. I hope there will be some way through which we can create a disc and use it whenever there is a problem. But I am not able to get any third party tool that can provide me a effective way of doing this.

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    You can do that through Backup and Restore. This can help you to create complete system image backup. Just go in that. For creating a image you have to save all the file in the hard drive. That means you will need a bit space in the system itself or you can also create a DVD through that. You have to keep that in safe place. The second thing you can do is use Acronis. This also a great software for taking complete system backup.

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