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Thread: Slowness of clock time in Nokia E7

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    Slowness of clock time in Nokia E7

    As per my friends told that Nokia E7 is one of good and in-budget cell phone which has many features in it. I bought this cell phone and it is quite good and I am satisfied. For few days I have been watching that my phone lacks behind 1minute once in week when I compare my computer’s time with my phone. It does not show the accurate time. I just don’t know the problem for the clock time getting slow. Does someone have any solutions?

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    re: Slowness of clock time in Nokia E7

    1 minute late time is not a big deal. Still do you regularly switch off your mobile phone? You must know that the time in your mobile starts with default time. Also if you forgot to charge your phone and if your phone gets switch off automatically, it may start with default time without noticing you. If you donít switch off your phone and the problem still persists you can call to mobile service center and flash your phone. I hope this might work.

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    re: Slowness of clock time in Nokia E7

    Some phones ask regularly to update the time as you have seen in some mobiles. Your phone can update automatically. Improper update of time in your cell phone can be the issue. Some networks like GSM also provides updating time and date. An option is provided in clock settings that is automatic time update. Always select ON for the updates and thus whenever you will power your phone, the time will automatically be updated.

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    re: Slowness of clock time in Nokia E7

    In all cell phones there is a small battery provided which is used to remember date and time even you remove the main battery from your cell phone. It may be possible that you lose your accurate time because of battery having less voltage. As you have bought a new cell phone, this problem should not occur but since your phone will be in warranty period replace battery with a new one otherwise your phone will prompt you each time you switch off your phone and switch it on again.

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    re: Slowness of clock time in Nokia E7

    Nokia E7 is usually an advanced phone so slowing down the time cannot be possible. Nokia E7 basically has the internet connection which updates your time daily as well as automatic update option is also available which we can set it to on or off. Whenever you switch off your phone and switch it on again it will prompt you update the date & time. You can also update time by using some wireless connection and also you can sync your mobile to update with the network.

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