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Thread: Help to remove F-secure in Nokia E7

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    Help to remove F-secure in Nokia E7

    I am using Nokia E7 from last many months. May be around 4 months I am using this cell phone. For security purpose, I have installed an Anti-theft that is F-secure on my sim card which I was using. It is nice software which has kept my phone long away from many viruses and thefts. Currently I am on vacation and I am using a prepaid-card of a foreign country. My phone is working well but I am unable to install F-secure currently. It asks for a code and when I enter the correct code which I am sure about it, but still it is not deactivating. Should I need to insert my older sim card or do I need to be present to my home network for stopping this? Is there any solution?

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    Re: Help to remove F-secure in Nokia E7

    Every phone has security settings option. When applying these settings, it may solve several problems in your phone. To change settings perform some steps: Go to security settings, open lock when SIM changed, enable and disable option will appear, choose disable. This will currently change your settings related to your applications and may be this can solve your problem.

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    Re: Help to remove F-secure in Nokia E7

    I donít think that until you hard reset your phone, you will get rid of it. Hard reset is basically a method which deletes all your data present in your cell phone and bring your phone back to the normal mode equivalently to the day you bought your phone. For hard resetting you must use a code i.e. *#7370#. This will reset your entire phone but see to it that you take a backup of your data. Then just check it out.

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    Re: Help to remove F-secure in Nokia E7

    The software which you are using may come along with the firmware, and can add it to the premium security which may be bundled with your E7 phone. This is because a normal user wonít be able to uninstall it. Go to your nearby Nokia gallery if possible or else you can take the help or contact to F-secure from where you have purchased the product. This will possibly help you.

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