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Thread: Canít set a new homepage on Nokia 2700 classic

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    Canít set a new homepage on Nokia 2700 classic

    I am using the Nokia 2700 classic mobile phone and using the same from last few months now the thing here is that I am not able to get the appropriate way to keep a new homepage on the same. Actually I have tried the same to do once but failed to do so. So please help me in this case and let me know how it is possible to keep the homepage on my mobile phone. I am waiting for a positive response from you people and I hope that I will get one.

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    Re: Canít set a new homepage on Nokia 2700 classic

    The phone that you are using have the definite internet settings and to get the same you need to contact the service provider of yours I am sure once you will visit the same then the settings will be sent to you. I hope that you are getting my point and also will be able to get rid of the problem on your own. I am sure that problem will be solved because I have did the same thing and was successful in it.

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    Re: Canít set a new homepage on Nokia 2700 classic

    Actually what you have to do is that just try and enter the internet settings and then you will get the appropriate homepage option in that you have to mention the homepage that you want. I think you are getting this one. And if you are failed to do that then you must have got the user manual you can refer that for reference and after some time execute it for the perfection. I can assure you that this will help you to resolve the issue that you are facing in this case.

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    Re: Canít set a new homepage on Nokia 2700 classic

    If you are unable to set a new homepage other than the default on the mobile phone then I want you to visit the official site of the service provider and there you will find the appropriate internet settings for your phone and also the direction that is the manner to use the same. I am sure once this id done then you will not be able to get any problem because there is the option available set homepage and if the directions are followed properly then you will not have any trouble what so ever.

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