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Thread: how do I Restore PB to factory default?

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    how do I Restore PB to factory default?

    I have a blackberry’s cell and I got a very serious problem and my playbook is having problem, I lost all my settings, Actually I was trying to change the application setting, so is it possible to restore it to factory default? And if it is, then how to do it ? How to configure the phone again as I am the new user of blackberry.

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    Re: how do I Restore PB to factory default?

    To restore your blackberry you need to firstly start deleting all the data, then click the Options icon which is there in home screen. Then in security option you will get the option for general setting, select the general setting option. When the “General Settings” screen appears, press the Menu key, and then choose the Wipe Hand held option. Again the dialogue box will appear, warning you that “you’re about to initiate a full device wipe”. At that time you have to give the confirmation to reset to default settings. You’ll also get many other choice for all third-party applications and related data in the wipe. You can choose it, but as you want to delete all the data, click the check box to delete other applications. The next dialogue box will appear, prompting you to type the password. After giving the default password or if you have changed then you have to give that one, this will then start the deletion process and restore it to factory default.

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    Re: how do I Restore PB to factory default?

    See you should not do such a changes in your blackberry as it leads to hardware issue. Before you begin this will erase everything from your playbook. All the application and the related data will be removed , so I’ll suggest u to backup all the important files you have then start the process, it is very simple you can do it just by following simple steps, go to Settings by clicking on the cog at the the top right device. Then you’ll see the security option, you have to scroll to it, after selecting that select the factory wipe and type BLACKBERRY as a password, it will confirm it, after that your device will boot itself. And after that before using it you have to configure it.

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    Re: how do I Restore PB to factory default?

    A security wipe does not restore the PB to factory Original so I would recommend you to perform this steps, as you will get the original setting from the its official portal. I am mentioning the points below you can follow it. 1. Firstly connect PB to your personal computer or laptop and then open PB desktop manager. 2. As soon as connection is established, click on help, you’ll see the pop up prompting no updates. 3. Now press the power button, it will restart you PB, as the restart begun desktop Manager will display a pop-up window "option to Update" so select update, it will take appx. 20 to 25 minutes for downloading the original OS. While downloading follow the instructions mentioned on screen. You have to re-initialize the PB from the start.

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