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Thread: Webcam is not working in Toshiba satellite A300-20A laptop

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    Webcam is not working in Toshiba satellite A300-20A laptop

    Hello people, I need some urgent help from you guys. My younger brother is having Toshiba Satellite A300- 20A laptop with Windows 7 OS and recently he has started facing few problems with his laptop. Recently the webcam of the laptop have stopped working. So I wanted to know how I can make it work again, like it was doing at the time of purchase, flawless. If anybody is having any suggestion on the topic then it would be great if you share the same with me. I don’t mind trying my luck. Please HELP ME!!!!

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    re: Webcam is not working in Toshiba satellite A300-20A laptop

    Dude, you should ask your brother to reinstall the drivers of your laptop, especially the webcam drivers and utilities, in his Toshiba Satellite A300- 20A laptop. He can use the Driver CD which you must have received when you purchased your Toshiba laptop. Insert the drivers CD inside the CD/DVD ROM. Explorer the CD and double click on the wizard setup. Follow the on-screen instructions and install all the needed drivers in your laptop. Make sure webcam drivers and utilities are installed. Once you have installed the drivers, the system will prompt for Restart. So, restart your system and check if the problem is solved after restarting.

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    re: Webcam is not working in Toshiba satellite A300-20A laptop

    The problem is with the integrated webcam, so I would suggest you to do Hard Reset. This would reinstall all the factory settings in your laptop and delete all the settings which were done on it.
    • Disconnect your laptop from the AC adapter and power source. Turn off the laptop and remove its battery.
    • Make sure no external hardware peripherals are connected to your laptop. If you find any, then just disconnect them from your laptop. It includes printer, scanner, USB drive, Wi-Fi etc.
    • Now, press the power button and hold it for some 30 seconds or more. This process is necessary as it will remove all the stored battery charge in the capacitors.
    • Now rearrange your laptop parts and re-insert the battery and connect the laptop to the AC adapter and the power supply. Don’t connect any other peripheral devices now.
    • Restart your laptop. All your factory settings will be restore.

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    re: Webcam is not working in Toshiba satellite A300-20A laptop

    If you have started facing the problem all of a sudden then you might be able to solve the problem by restoring your laptop to an earlier instance when you were not facing any problem in your laptop. This can be achieved by performing System restore.
    1. Go to Start button and select All programs.
    2. Now select Accessories option and then go to System Tools.
    3. Scroll down to System restore and double click it to launch the System restore windows.
    4. If this is the first time when you are performing System restore then Click on Next Button and go to step 6
    5. If You Have already performed System Restore then select the “Choose a different restore point” option and click on Next button.
    6. Here you have to select the restore point to which you want to take back your system to.
    7. Once you have selected the Restore Point, click on Finish. If asked for confirmation, confirm your decision by clicking on yes button. button.
    8. Restart your laptop when it prompted to do so.

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    re: Webcam is not working in Toshiba satellite A300-20A laptop

    You can also install the necessary drivers for your laptop from the official website of Toshiba. You have to search for your laptops drivers and then find the specific driver for your webcam. You can download the driver from the following link Chicony Camera Assistant Software for Windows 7 (32 bit/ 64 bit) This driver is especially for the webcam of 32bit/64bit windows 7 Operating System. Download it in your laptop and install it. Check out if updating your webcam driver to this latest driver solves your issue or not.

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    Re: Webcam is not working in Toshiba satellite A300-20A laptop

    Thank you all to reply to my thread and make those attempts to help me out. Especially thank you for the above Toshiba Drivers link for my Toshiba Satellite pro C650-ez1523 laptop. I tried that solution and it worked like wonders for me. And above that it saved my time, energy and money which I would have spend on visiting the Toshiba Service Center (which is pretty far from my area) and buying the Toshiba Satellite pro C650-ez1523 laptop’s drivers. Once again thank you all. You all were really amazing.

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