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Thread: Toshiba Mini NB305 bad keyboard

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    Toshiba Mini NB305 bad keyboard

    I got my Toshiba Mini NB305-106 Netbook last week. I truly like it, apart for one thing which got me puzzled. I cannot think how terrible the keyboard is. And I just do not acquire this, as all main reviews talk wildly about the keyboard as being one of the excellent. It just keeps on missing presses. I have to push a key firm and at approximately 90 degree angle deceased in the center, else it won't list. This is especially noticeable with keys at the rim of the keyboard similar to the 'a' and 'l'. And the space bar; if you don't push that dead in the middle: no space.

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    Re: Toshiba Mini NB305 bad keyboard

    I am having the similar trouble with keyboard. It is especially noticeable while attempting to capitalize letters while two keys have to be hit at the similar time. It would be nice if somebody has any soft detaches that they can post. Concerning previous posting on sound quality- for a few reason my Netbook defaulted to a stumpy quality sound setting, so I did the below and it helped a lot;
    1. Twice click on the speaker symbol in the lower plate.
    2. One time the window pops up; twice click on the "Speakers" column.
    3. Select the "Levels" tab and alter the "Realtek HD Audio Output" to 100%
    4. Select the "Enhancements" tab and check boxes for "Equalizer" and "Loudness Equalization"
    5. Select the "Advanced" tab and, below Default Format, select the "24 bit 192000 HZ (Studio Quality)" setting.
    6. Click on OK, and your sounds should be much improved.

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    Re: Toshiba Mini NB305 bad keyboard

    I received my Netbook last week. I have been having the similar trouble with the keyboard, apart from there's no trouble with the spacebar and I don't have to push the keys mainly hard. There aren't any keys which mainly 'miss' a lot, it's only that all of them just register if I push exactly in the middle, and I don't type that way, it's truly frustrating. As well the arrow keys are glitch and pause and discontinue all the time. Can this be determined by exchanging it for a new one?

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    Re: Toshiba Mini NB305 bad keyboard

    I guess that the majority people protest regarding a problem, the better Toshiba will get. I have had the similar trouble with my keyboard as I purchased it April 27th. I have to strike the keys dead on and actually grasp my fingers there for a split second earlier than the letter to emerge. And after that it looks that the real posting of the character on the screen is somewhat behind my typing. I thought that this trouble was just for me.

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    Re: Toshiba Mini NB305 bad keyboard

    I have been harassed with the keyboard trouble for 7 months. The lagging space bar is the nastiest of it for me, but the keyboard deeply degrades or else very good product. Toshiba has its head in the smooth on this one if they can't plan a fix. If it's easy a failed hardware design, they truly have a lemon and it's tough to consider that the believable tech reviewers missed it. I was making conclusions on regular laptop replacement and took Toshiba off the list later than this experience.

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    Re: Toshiba Mini NB305 bad keyboard

    If you haven't get in touch with the Toshiba Customer Support Center about having your NB-series Netbooks fixed I suggest doing so, but my unit has previously been back one time just 30 days later than I got it on one more problem. The irony of including paying complete postage on a latest machine (not right for full size laptops) and having to reconstruct from scratch was just maddening sufficient to deter me from sending it back a second time.

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