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Thread: Themes for Samsung S5620 Monte and KIES Program

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    Themes for Samsung S5620 Monte and KIES Program

    My maternal has gifted me a Samsung S5620 Monte on my birthday. He has brought form UAE. Its looking is very beautiful and also it very slim handset. It supports various features. I saw this first time with my friends. But this phones support Samsung KIES program. But in this phone doesn’t have the KEIS program. Could you help me anybody for this problem? Tell me how can I fix my problem. If you know solutions for this please reply as soon as possible.

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    re: Themes for Samsung S5620 Monte and KIES Program

    Yes I am getting your problem what happen with you know that there are a number of third-party websites who offer themes and widgets for mobile for downloading, But however we canít unable to download the themes because the everything is not free & also themes depend on mobile resolution. But you go on the Samsung the website and download the themes for your phone which will support on your phone. I suggested simply you can go on Google and to search the themes for Samsung Monte Themes and Samsung Monte Widgets, where you will see the lots themes & widgets for your Samsung Monte. Please follow the steps

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    re: Themes for Samsung S5620 Monte and KIES Program

    I have test on the Samsung Monte for theme. Where I saw how to set the theme on the screen of this mobile. I have some idea for this to remove the your problem may be first you will go into the folder System and then after the Settings and then after Pre Configuration setting where you will get or you have PreConfiguration.ini the after you will check in this file what is Default Item and then now again its diverse then Default then here you want to need to edit nv_original.ini from other folder. Where the Default Item=KOR it is require to edit nv_original.ini from folder KOR or not in default folder.

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    re: Themes for Samsung S5620 Monte and KIES Program

    You know very well Samsung has a broad range of handsets in the world wide market at the instant, with its popular mid-range Samsung Monte which provides in a variety of flavors of this handset, such as the frontage facing mini QWERTY keyboard and a sliding keyboard and it is provide good quality of touch screen it provides also best widgets and good themes. You should go on Google and search where is lots of themes is available you can download those themes. But no, here comes the Samsung S5620 Monte, a vaguely different acquire on the middle of the market. I think it support all type of themes. Google is very cheapest source for download the themes

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    re: Themes for Samsung S5620 Monte and KIES Program

    I had that precise same large screen on my mobile phone so I had to uncheck master things for it working. After that the process I used was installing Monte software first and patching the firmware and then after installing android on my Samsung Monte. It good work for me .6rar a file which needs to be uncompressed for you getting your rest folder which you can shift to your phone's internal memory. But I didnít know more about android. But i don't think the android mode within that file is the latest. I think I should try out on Samsung monte1.4. you can learn and also able to solve or get your solution.

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    Re: Themes for Samsung S5620 Monte and KIES Program

    you have to go to network modes and then change the phone to kies mode

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