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Thread: When will apple stop trying to prevent jail breaking?

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    When will apple stop trying to prevent jail breaking?

    Well apple always tries to prevent jailbreak with its every release of ios and updates but it seems the users are really happy using iphones jailbreak and users WANT to jailbreak. What is wrong in having subfolders in a folder or event just having more than 12 applications in a folder? What difference does it make any way? Do they think that if they don’t keep on doing this we will think of apple as losers? That is not true. Apple must let the people choose for themselves as to what way they want to use the items they purchased for themselves.

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    Re: When will apple stop trying to prevent jail breaking?

    The point here is if a third party software takes over the device and that can be a sort of a big problem. I owned a jailbreak phone which crashed after installing a cydia application. I was somehow able to make it right, but other than me the users who do not have technical knowhow will surely head for apple stores and center to complain and in the end say that the phone sucks. Also as a developer myself i know how to jail break it’s really easy and installing all the pirated applications on it. Since apple does not stand for piracy it will have such restrictions till there is pirated application available in the market.

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    Re: When will apple stop trying to prevent jail breaking?

    The jailbreaks are possible because of bugs, cracks and security vulnerabilities in the ios itself. well the jail breaker are the only people who show that there are bugs in the system and then the cracks in the ios are brought into attention to apple but I will feel really deceived if apple does not fixes the bugs in their ios. You could always prefer to buy any other device on the market which does not has such issues as par your prospective it can be the only solution to your vendetta with apple. I to have a jailbreak ipod on ios 4 but there i had known all the features of the device and had to jailbreak it to disable its auto lock feature when in the car and i also own a i pad but i have no ideas of jail breaking it because i bought it by looking at all the features and i recommend for you to do the same.

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    Re: When will apple stop trying to prevent jail breaking?

    Apple is not trying to prevent any thing; it is just like any other software company does they try to fix bugs as they appear in the market as more and more people use them they test the software’s to make them up to the mark of what apple is all about. Every software company tends to do that like the Mac os, or the windows or even the android by Google they all try to fix their system as and when they come to notice. And by the way the ios is just a license copy no one except apple owns it and all you can do with it is you can develop your own applications for it and use them on your device good luck with that.

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    Re: When will apple stop trying to prevent jail breaking?

    Apple will never allow piracy to prevail because the idea of using software and not paying for it is just not apples way of doing things. The jail break does provide awesome features to the phone but apple does keep all the users requirements in mind and does try to incorporate such features in the upcoming versions of apple ios and never forgets to take advantage of diversity of user experiences and requirement for providing the complete solution for personal phones that apple has always been aiming to achieve. And the piracy can never be supported by apple as it does develop software’s and the idea of using those software for free without paying is to painful for software companies let alone just apple.

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