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Thread: NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB powers on then off

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    NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB powers on then off

    This has been so frustrating and Iím just trying to figure out if there's anything i can do with my old nomad Zen xtra to get it working, the thing is that when i try to power it on it simply wonít do anything!! And when i try to plug in power cable to charge it just comes up with the creative labs screen then turns off then again on and off! i tried the reset thing and it doesn't work, computer does not recognize it?! So is there anything i can do about that?

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    Re: NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB powers on then off

    No, I've never opened the thing up, though I've read here that you can change out the HD. I would tend to think as you do that a new ND might not be the answer, as it is unlikely the HD is the issue you've described. I think it's the firmware. I spoke with a guy from customer support today that seemed to know his stuff. He had me download a new driver, but it didn't work. The reset has helped w/ some issues, but apparently created others.

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    Re: NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB powers on then off

    You have not given any indication as to the age of the battery of your player. It may need to be replaced. I can say if I allow my battery to become much drained when I plug it in to charge it will cut on & off for a while. If your battery is old & or has not been charged for a long while you may need to get a new one. I would not be replacing a hard drive for what you described without checking that first.

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    Re: NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB powers on then off

    If your battery is good and it won't work off that then the power supply is not the issue.
    A. Can you determine if the battery is holding a charge?
    B. Or can you borrow a battery you know is good to test the player?
    I realize that A may not be possible w/out a tester, and B is highly unlikely unless you know someone with the same player. Best I can suggest though.

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    Re: NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB powers on then off

    Not weird, it makes sense. Sounds like the battery is bad.
    The only other way to test the player would be to use a charged batter that you know is good. If that works then you know it's the power supply. If it doesn't then it's either
    A the drive or
    B a firmware issue, which I doubt.

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