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Thread: Inspiron 14R Wireless fails

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    Inspiron 14R Wireless fails

    Hi, I have got a Dell Inspiron laptop running in windows 7 operating system. There is some problem with the wireless. The laptop is unable to connect to the router. The system can see the net but does not connect. Message is displayed saying no network found. Prior to windows update, wireless was working. I think windows update is preventing the wireless port from making connections. Please help me. What should I do.

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    Re: Inspiron 14R Wireless fails

    Check for the power in the router and make sure that the device is working properly. Check if the wireless is disabled by mistake. If the wireless is disabled then it will connect. Go to the network connection and here enable the wireless connection. Now check if the connection is completed or not. If still the connection fails then there may be some issue with the network driver. If there is any shortcut key or button through which you can switch on the wireless, then check that also.

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    Re: Inspiron 14R Wireless fails

    If the router is working properly, next check, the LED that shows the wireless status, is glowing or not. If it is not glowing, it means that wireless is turned off. If the wireless network driver is not installed, then also the LED will not glow. Go to Add or Remove program from the Control panel and then select the network connection driver, click Remove to uninstall it. Reboot the computer and now freshly install the wireless network driver.

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    Re: Inspiron 14R Wireless fails

    If the wireless is not working then there might be some driver issue. Make sure that you switched on the wireless. You can do this by manually pressing the F2 key from the keyboard. If it is a driver issue, then update the driver, repair or reinstall it. You can check the driver status in the device manager, and make sure that there is no yellow mark by the wireless LAN driver and also the driver tree should not be open anywhere.

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    Re: Inspiron 14R Wireless fails

    There can be different reasons, why the wireless radio stopped working. Check for the network adapter if they are working properly. To do this first right click on My Computer, then go to properties. In the properties window select hardware, hardware Manager and then click network adapters. Make sure that there should not be any yellow mark by the driver. If the adapters are properly functioning, then from the Start, go to Run and in the space write “services.msc”. scroll down the list and in "Wireless Zero Configuration" just right click and check the properties. It should be set as “Automatic”

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