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Thread: Zen V not able to connect to computer

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    Zen V not able to connect to computer

    I just got it like 2 hours ago, been charging since, then, and for the past 30 minutes or hour i have been trying to put music in it but, it keeps saying that the Zen isnít connected to the computer. I have it connected, and its charging, but why wonít it show that its connected, Iím sure itís not the computer because i can connect my PSP and put movies in it and all. I really want this thing to work, i payed so much money for it, and Iím a broke person, i shouldnít be spending money like this, and now look what happens to me. I tried the usb cord from my psp, and itís the same thing, itís charging, but it says itís not connected, i tried it on my momís computer in her room, and itís the same thing.

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    Re: Zen V not able to connect to computer

    So no one knows what i can do? Thatís great, for the first time i get something for Christmas, even though i had to buy myself the gift, and it turns out to be a waste of money, merry Christmas for Chris! I donít even know why i bother to try and make every holiday a HOLIDAY for me, because everything i do just makes things worse, whatever. Please, thereís nothing i can do? When i connect it to the USB it charges, but the computer and the programs say that the Zen isnít connected that sync manager says that no player is connected.

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    Re: Zen V not able to connect to computer

    You sound so upset, but that will not help, cool out. Ok I just brought my niece a Zen V too, so I'm setting it up before I give it to here. First it says to not connect the player to the computer before the software. So do the software first don't forget you will have to restart the computer, it will not work if you don't. Then it says it takes 6 hours to fully charge the player, not 30 mins or 2 hour. Just let it charge, I know you are excited. Then reconnect the player and see if it is recognize.

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    Re: Zen V not able to connect to computer

    well, i left it charging for like 5 hours straight, and the little battery icon is basically full, it says that itís still charging, but the sync manager that got installed with the CD says that the player isnít connected, and the Zen manager and everything says that itís not connected. i bought this thing from, new. You think i can get a refund back, cause i donít want this thing anymore, i just lost 140 bucks for Christmas. Let it keep charging tomorrow, so it can be FULLY charged, hopefully it will work, but i doubt it because right now the battery icon is all the way to the top, all thatís left is like less than half the tip of the battery icon.

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    Re: Zen V not able to connect to computer

    Nope. Don't know if Chris solved his problem but I'm having the same problem. I did everything in your procedure, but I can't download the firmware because, yea, you guessed it, to get the download you have to be plugged in and the computer thinks my player is NOT PLUGGED IN. I've been at this for hours. The odd thing is that the problem "evolved". First it was the problem with licensing errors in the Yahoo Music Jukebox - that's where my playlists are. I took guided steps to solve that problem and the next one came up: Y!Music Jukebox kept freezing during download. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now I've got the problem that you guys have (or had). Here's the thing: when I plug in the prompt (what do you want the device to do? download music, manage files, take no action, etc.) appears, so somewhere the computer knows there's a USB device connected, but that's as far as it goes. Anytime I try an option, the computer says I'm not connected.

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