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Thread: How to configure XBox 360 as windows media centre extender

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    How to configure XBox 360 as windows media centre extender

    When I play my MKV file test in WMC on my computer works perfectly. When I open WMC on my Xbox, I can see my test file with thumbnail images of MKV and everything. When attempting to open the file on my xbox, however, I get a message saying something along the lines of: Video Error Files needed to display video are not installed or not functioning properly. Restart Windows Media Center or restart the computer. These files are played nearby on the Media Center PC from side to side Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player without problems. Then how can I configure Xbox 360 as windows media extender.

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    Re: How to configure XBox 360 as windows media centre extender

    Turn on your PC and log on to Windows. Confirm whether it is linked to your home network. Start your Xbox 360 and keep in mind that it is connected to your home network. On your pc you have to start the Windows Media Center by selecting the Start button, click All Programs, then Windows Media Center. In the standby mode Windows Media Center, scroll to Tasks, click Add Extender, and follow the instructions. Use the controller to your Xbox 360 to drop to my Xbox, then select Windows Media Center. On your TV, follow the instructions on the screen to obtain a license key Windows Media Center to 8 digits. Note this key installation to 8 digits. You will use it to link your Xbox 360 to the computer on which Windows Media Center is located. Well here it is compulsory for you to download the software because the Extender working is built into Windows Media Center.

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    Re: How to configure XBox 360 as windows media centre extender

    • Open your Xbox 360.
    • Then go in the "My Xbox" and "Windows Media Center.
    • You click it and you take the code it gives you and you click "Continue".
    • Then you open "Windows Media Player" and you go to the library section.
    • You click to get all the options in your library and you go in the "Media Sharing" and you check both boxes: "Search media files shared by other users" and "Share my media in "
    • You click on the icon XBox 360 and click on "Allow" below.
    • Can you click on Apply and then OK.
    • Then you must go to "Control Panel" and you click on "Windows Firewall".
    • Top left, you'll see a section entitled "Enable or disable the Windows Firewall." You click on it and they'll ask you a Certificate Administrator and you agree and you go "off" your firewall.
    • Then you go to the section "Exceptions" box and you're gonna go down: "Media Center Extender Units.
    • You click on Apply and then OK.
    • You can finally open "Windows Media Center" and then you climb up and you select the section titled: Tasks and you move your mouse to the left to click on "Settings".
    • You click on "Extender" and then later you click on "Add Extender".

    Then you should be able to configure yourself the rest you have to do is enter the code you've recovered early on your XBox 360 and you tick yes to any options, for example, they will ask you if your firewall is configured to receive an Extender well with my steps it is already configured. Then you have only checked "yes" to all stages.

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    Re: How to configure XBox 360 as windows media centre extender

    That's what worked for me. I've heard that it does not want to install a bunch of new programs. This is particularly true with the new Win7 and the probability of a blank disc. As I understand it, and I'm sure I'll correct me if I'm wrong, not a single MKV format and a packet containing a sequence of audio and video together. These two currents are not limited to just one or two in DivX format that is developed or is directly responsible. I am not suggesting that it is unreasonable, I have no idea what is going to support programming. I'm just saying you may have to make a difficult decision.

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