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Thread: Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi range is not as far as iPad 1

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    Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi range is not as far as iPad 1

    Here my main Issue is: apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi range is not as much as iPad 1. On the other hand, iPad 2 has complexity connecting to Airport Express or Time Capsule extended networks. IPad 2 connected devoid of any problem to the 5 GHz network and the 2.4 GHz network while it was in the similar room as the Airport Extreme. It didn't have any problems preserving that connection. However, the iPad 2 doesn't exertion in any of the beyond rooms and can't see the network. IPad 1 and iPhone’s have no problems (and normally show 1 or two bars). I think they in general are connecting via the Airport Express. Given that the iPad 2 isn't even considering the networks, I am guessing it's a range problem, but hoping it's not. Anybody else seeing this? Any fixes? Please help.

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    Re: Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi range is not as far as iPad 1

    I have the similar problem here. Apple truly necessitates fixing this, I am truly wedged. First the iPhone 4 and now the iPad 2. Really apple? You boast about its breathtaking speed but while you walk 20 feet away from your router you can't even bond! I have an iPad 2 running IOS 4.3.1. As a minimum get the essential stuff down earlier than marketing its "magical speed" while in practical use just works if you are a foot away from your router. I normally am very content with all apple products actually, this is my first criticism.

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    Re: Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi range is not as far as iPad 1

    My iPod Touch4 finds a stronger indicator than my iPad2. I have WifiTrack application on both and in the similar situation, my iPad shows -50 and the iPod shows -35 (relative readings where -50 is inferior than -35). I show 1 or 2 bars of indicator on my iPad and 3 complete bars on my iPod in the similar position. Occasionally I show 2 bars while the iPad is 3 feet as of the Airport Extreme. My safety camera application gets 20 secs to load on the iPad and 5 seconds on the iPod. I have 5 Airport Extremes on a roaming system and 3 of them are double band. I am utilized to burly signals but my iPad resists reacting.

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    Re: Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi range is not as far as iPad 1

    Here I just wish to express my experience or I can say my situation about iPad. I figured out my iPad’s Wi-Fi range would get not as good as and an inferior every day. Lastly it wouldn’t even be familiar with the Wi-Fi hardware so went up the apple store and got it reinstated. Up to now my new iPad 2 has WAY improved Wi-Fi range as my old one had. So I just bit happy with this and I wish you get some help from this post.

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    Re: Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi range is not as far as iPad 1

    My apple iPad2 3g+Wi-Fi 64GB works with Wi-Fi while sitting accurately next to the access point. The moments I move away a little bit (hardly any feet) signal go down straight away and I misplace connection. No troubles with an iPhone 4 and the iPad 1 3g+Wi-Fi 64 GB. Does that seem like a hardware burden, or could it at a standstill be an iOS 4.3/4.3.1 problem (I have 4.3.1 on each and every devices).

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