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Thread: How to hard format nokia 3110c

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    How to hard format nokia 3110c

    Hi, I am having a Nokia 3110c and I am having some problem with it. The phone hangs when call someone or receive a call. After the conversation is over and I try to disconnect the call the phone does not respond to any of the key. Sometimes the digital camera automatically switches on when I browse the menu. I think the phone is infected by a virus and I want to hard format it. Can anyone tell me how to hard format it.

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    Re: How to hard format nokia 3110c

    If your phone hangs every time then there are two reasons behind it. Your phone memory might be full or there might be a virus issue. If the phone memory is full then your phone will respond very slowly and applications will always freeze. Switch off the phone and remove the memory card. Now turn it on and go to Menu. From Menu choose Applications and here you will find two folders. “games” and “collections”. Delete all the contents inside them separately. Now replace back the memory card and you will find it does not hang any more.

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    Re: How to hard format nokia 3110c

    I am not sure whether you can hard format the Nokia 3110c. There is no need of going for hard format if the soft format solves the problem. Hard format will erase all the default applications as well as software from your phone. To soft format your phone via code, type *#7780# and this will rewrite some of the system files but will not format completely. Before performing format, make sure that you have a full battery.

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    Re: How to hard format nokia 3110c

    For complete format or hard format you have to flash the BIOS and for this you need tools and special formatting software. You can try for complete format with the help of this code. Just type *#7370# and press yes button and if you are asked for the pass code then just type 12345 as default code. Wait for few seconds until the phone restarts. Make sure to backup or copy all your files to the memory card before formatting

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    Re: How to hard format nokia 3110c

    Hard reset may not be possible in your phone but you can try it by typing *#7370# and entering the pass code 12345. If you are not successful then try this, press and hold the green dial key, star key(*) and the number 3 key together till the phone is switched on. After the phone starts you will find that all the files have been deleted and the phone has been reset to its default factory settings. I think this helps you to get rid of the virus.

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