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Thread: Cannot make Outgoing calls from Nokia N8

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    Cannot make Outgoing calls from Nokia N8

    Hi, I am having the N8 for the past 4 months or so, but 20 days before my outgoing calls completely, even after normal is to reboot the phone, so there is no return. However, I could send sms, receive calls and access the Internet. I can check with Vodafone, and even said that there was no problem on their side and all payments of invoices received by them in time. So I decided to try replacing the SIM card with SIM card from my friend and use the phone. Surprisingly, outgoing calls were. After that I went to put my old sim in the phone again and outgoing calls had begun to function well. The problem now is that outgoing calls were occurring frequently, and make at least 5 times in the last 15 days.

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    Re: Cannot make Outgoing calls from Nokia N8

    As said by you that you are able to send messages and also able to receive messages. Now the thing here is that you have to test whether the SIM card that you are hiving is doing well or not and to do the same what I want you to do is just remove the Vodafone card from your phone and use the same in any other mobile phone and see whether you are able to make calls from there and if not then definitely the card have some problems to deal with.

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    Re: Cannot make Outgoing calls from Nokia N8

    According to me you have some issues with the mobile phone of yours because here in the query you have mentioned that you are able to send and receive messages and also the internet services are active then why the outgoing calls are banned there might be something wrong the fine Nokia N8 that you are now using. So what I want you to do here is that try and contact the Nokia gallery and let them know the problem and see what they says I hope that they will definitely offer you a solution.

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    Re: Cannot make Outgoing calls from Nokia N8

    If the problem is related with the outgoing calls then why donít you try and consult the Vodafone officials. Because calling is really the complete matter of the Vodafone service providers of yours and I am sure that they are the only one who will get you a solution for the error that you are facing. I am sure that this error is not related to the mobile phone and it is fine and to cross check the same you have to really turn the table and use any other card. But if you are concern about the calling then I guess the Vodafone officials are the best to consult with.

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