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Thread: Types of Folders lock option for Nokia N8 in computer

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    Types of Folders lock option for Nokia N8 in computer

    Recently I had take an Nokia N8 mobile for myself, the result that it was providing to me is the best as I had ever seen, the only thing that I am facing is that is there any of the tool that is present in the internet which will help me in getting the encryption of the full memory that is present in the Nokia N8 series, the thing that I am worried about ids the email cache & pictures is for example the phone is been lost or something in this case, the tool should be so clear that it should ask for the password only once and that to at the time of the phone unlock time. It should also guard against data access with the help of the computer when the device is linked with the USB.

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    re: Types of Folders lock option for Nokia N8 in computer

    Why are you going for this kind of the tools as they take a lot of memory that is present in the phone of yours, instead of that just go with the locking of the phone in such a way that it should protect all the data from the outside world, so I think that you should go with the locking of the phone with the system has been provided to you, this will help in getting the thing done that you want to get it done from it, so I think just give a try and see that how this will be working in it. Also see to it that you make the backup of the data that is present with you which will help you in getting the thing right when something just goes wrong in it.

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    re: Types of Folders lock option for Nokia N8 in computer

    It is not possible according to me to protect the external memory because there are various thing that is to be seen when you are using any of the memory card in it, I have seen that the memory card password can be wiped out if someone just get the memory stick that is been used by them, so in my case just go for the securing of the phone memory which is present in this, the breaking of the code from this is tuff as for that you have to get the mobile device that is to be used in it, so till that time you are not able to get into the device if it is locked by the password.

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    re: Types of Folders lock option for Nokia N8 in computer

    There are many of the tools that are present in the internet which are developed by many of the users and the company and also there are two option that are present in it like they may be free of cost to you have to subscribe for the same, there are various programmed which will be distinguished from each other in their particular ways, so the programs are lock my folder, in this it just lock the folder in a new folder which is password protected, this will help in preventing the people to view, edit and manipulate the data that is present in it. To open the folder you just have to insert the password in it which will help in opening the folder where all the data is been present in it.

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    re: Types of Folders lock option for Nokia N8 in computer

    The other Software according to me is the Free Folder hider, which is free and the size is around 3400KB and it is created by the AutoBAUP. Approximately every computer user keeps records and the documents that are private, confidential, or vital to be conserved as undeletable. You may have files that are unsuitable for kids or other family members, or files with precious data that can be robbed. Such files and folders need safety guard so that unauthorized users cannot contact, convert, view, duplicate, shift or remove them. "Folder Hider" can conceal and password-protect your files, folders, image, and documents within seconds.

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    re: Types of Folders lock option for Nokia N8 in computer

    According to me you can go with this software the name of the software is Instant lock which is published by CNS in this itís a simple, quick and safe Cutting Edge immediate Lock technology which has a ideal grouping of pace and safety. It locks high memory of data within a second. Once you lock your folders with immediate Lock they will stay completely safe and unseen. Even when you boot from Safe Mode or another Operating System or from a Bootable System Disk. Unique instant Lock technology came to life, after a long period. It is not a model, like its predecessors. It is powerful but it's also secure and perfect. Thanks to immediate Lock, now you can enjoy using your computer, with a peace of mind.

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