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Thread: why system needs updating the bios

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    why system needs updating the bios

    Hi, I am having a dell laptop operating on windows 7 operating system. The problem is whenever I switch on the computer dell logo is displayed but after that the screen is black and nothing is displayed. I keep on pressing F8 key but unable to get the Bios menu. I thought of starting the windows in safe mode but safe mode option is not displayed on the screen. The screen is totally black. Please suggest what I should do.

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    Re: why system needs updating the bios

    There is no display on the screen, this might be the problem of BIOS, or your screen is having some fault. To check whether there is any problem with the screen, Try to get into the CMos by hitting the appropriate key. In many of the laptops. Hitting the F1 key takes you to the CMos option. If the CMos option is displayed then your screen is fine. there is the problem in the BIOS setting.

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    Re: why system needs updating the bios

    If your computer is unable to boot normally then try to boot from the CD and see if it helps you by any means. Try to recover the system by using system recovery disc. You can also try by removing the hard disk and connecting it to another system. Now try to reinstall the windows 7 operating system. Then replace the hard disk back into your laptop and try to start it. See if the boot menu is displayed on the screen when you press F8. I hope this solution helps you.

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    Re: why system needs updating the bios

    There can be the battery issue .how old is your computer. Normally battery is good only for three years. Old battery may result the data on board and operating system to fail. If the battery is in good condition and all the hardware’s are working properly then remove the battery for few minutes and then put it back. When you start the computer, hit the appropriate key that takes you to the BIOS. When the BIOS menu appears on the screen, reset it to default configuration by pressing F9 and then F10 to save the changes and exit.

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    Re: why system needs updating the bios

    You system might be affected by some infected file or virus. Take out the hard disk of your laptop and then try it with some other computer. Scan the hard disk and check for any infected file. i suspect it might be the 0 byte .sys file that is preventing your laptop to start in the safe mode. If that is true then try to delete it.

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