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Thread: Nokia X3-02 USB blinking error

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    Nokia X3-02 USB blinking error

    I had bought a new box pack Nokia X3-02 mobile phone from the Nokia distributor few weeks ago. After some time I wanted to load or copy contents to my phone memory using my desktop system. When I tried connecting it via the USB data cable I got a notification as USB blinking or flashing on the top most part of the display screen. I tried connecting it again but did not have it properly connected, do not know why. Please help me out from this situation as I am unable to copy file on my phone.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 USB blinking error

    It had happened same in my case when I was trying to copy some file from the internet I wanted to load it to my phone. After carrying out lot of try it worked out for me. Follow the instructions given below:

    1. Switch off your cell phone
    2. Remove the battery
    3. Clean your battery and inner lid of your phone
    4. Wait for certain time say two to three minutes let it dry
    5. Now insert the battery
    6. Switch on the phone now

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 USB blinking error

    Try cleaning up your devices as given in the instructions listed below:

    1. Remove the USB data cable
    2. Remove battery of your phone
    3. Clean both the USB and battery
    4. Clean your phone
    5. Let all get dry for sometime
    6. Plug in the battery to your phone
    7. Plug in your USB data cable to your phone and the desktop system
    8. Switch on your cell phone after sometime

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 USB blinking error

    Try downloading SFI Nokia Flash Bus from the internet and install it and follow the instructions as given below:

    1. Double click and open your launch SFI FlashBus
    2. Connect your phone through the USB data cable
    3. Click on dead USB
    4. Click on connect
    5. Checked on manual flash and normal mode
    6. Click on Use INI
    7. Select your phone from the list
    8. Uncheck on normal mode
    9. Click on flash
    10. It will now run the flash of your phone to resolve your issues

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