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Thread: Nokia E 72 heats up on 3g

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    Nokia E 72 heats up on 3g

    I live in Baroda, Gujarat. Recently stated through the 3G network on my E 72. But the phone heats up when surfing the Internet and during normal voice call. During the voice call is so hot that you cannot even put in the ear. I visited the Nokia Care Center as well, but say the difficulty comes with the advantage of 3G! So please if anyone have any kind of idea please help me.

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    Re: Nokia E 72 heats up on 3g

    For 3G, the phone radio needs more power, so that makes everything warmer, especially if the 3G signal is weak and the phone gets its diffusion to the fullest. When the ambient temperature is high, the air can lead to less heat, resulting in a warmer device. However, the phone must not be so hot during operation cannot be used more. So hope this helps you out. Do reply did it work or not for you.

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    Re: Nokia E 72 heats up on 3g

    A broken / bad / replacement battery may have a higher internal resistance and very hot. A battery that becomes very hot should be replaced as this can damage the phone and may even explode in worst cases.
    Maybe you want to check:
    - How good is the 3G signal?
    - Is the battery gets too hot?
    - What happens when you turn the phone to GSM only?
    - What if you are in a "cold" (air conditioning) environment?
    And finally: What happens when you use a headset? I had this experience once. My phone was not hot but very hot. When you use a headset that was normal. So the reason I was pushing the thing to my ear with some force during a very long call.

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    Re: Nokia E 72 heats up on 3g

    Answers to your Questions
    1. 3G signal strength is most of the time is perfect. I see all the bars in the network
    2. If the battery is heated, this procedure makes the back cover and the phone all very hot
    3. When using GSM mode only, then also the phone gets hot, but less than that of UMTS, while the use (3G) mode
    4. When used in cold environments the amount of heat is lower compared with the normal environment.
    Do not try it with headphones, but I think it makes any difference in the part that gets most heated back cover, that is. Due to the heat of the battery up. Let me know if this information is good or not.

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    Re: Nokia E 72 heats up on 3g

    I have Nokia E63 and I faced the same problem when I started using Airtel 3g. Phone was heating a lot and do not feel like touching your ear. Totally irritating. It seems that Nokia 3G compatibility is very bad and the backup battery was drastically down. Well, I've stopped using 3G now that everything is back to normal. For proof, you go to Menu> Tools> Settings> Phone> Network> Network Mode Switch to GSM network instead of two. Now you can feel free 3g phone is fine. A temporary solution is still to be done on one side Nokia.

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    Re: Nokia E 72 heats up on 3g

    For me (I'm not an officer of Nokia, another guy with a E72) this sounds all very well so far. The question is, does the overheating of the battery or the phone itself. To be sure, it would be best to have a second E72. In this way it could swap batteries and see what part is the culprit. Another interesting fact in this context: The battery (or at least its full capacity) is specified by Nokia (Europe Site) to a temperature of up to 25 degrees Celsius. So I would say that if the phone is heated as described, even if the temperature is 25 degrees or less, there is definitely a technical problem.

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