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Thread: Nokia X3-02 Alarm Clock Volume

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    Nokia X3-02 Alarm Clock Volume

    The problem is when I set an alarm clock, alarm will sound as ever, but then the tone or sound is not loud enough. I understand that the alarm is in an ascending order that is soft and a loud voice, but I still feel that it is not strong enough yet. I tried to adjust the volume of alarm clocks, but fail to do so. Does anyone here know what I'm supposed to do? (Actually, the same also applies to my message of warning is not strong enough, however, how I can make it stronger?). I heard somewhere that repetition can be adjusted, I'm right? But why does my phone break-out time does not allow me to adjust? It just stays there for 10 minutes.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 Alarm Clock Volume

    Sounds very slowly at first and then increases the volume. I do not know how to fix it. Please I need help. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please let me know. I am also the same trouble with the alarm clock is too soft to wake my sister (she who has the X3). I cannot find the volume setting of the alarm anywhere. (The volume of all others, ringtones, etc. have been set up key. On the Shooz, I have to manage to change the time using the numeric keys.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 Alarm Clock Volume

    Yes same problem here, is there a stupid professional who can help us? I am using Nokia phones since it launched, did not know that support is not coming with them, I have my ringtone to start aloud is not "up", since it is not my setup, or just help us we say we are screwed by Nokia and sell our phones. The alarm tones down the volume. There are some nice colors strong working for me and I'm not waking up.

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    Re: Nokia X3-02 Alarm Clock Volume

    Same trouble here with the message and alarm clock tones both. So I found a kind of way out, but only for the alarm, not by sms: Go to the organizer and then wake up, lower the tone of alarm and radio select. After setting the alarm just start the radio and increase the volume level. Now your alarm clock is noisy enough to wake you up in the morning. I hope someone will solve this trouble, because I never heard when receiving message. Hope that helps!

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