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Thread: How to burn labels on Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803

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    How to burn labels on Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803

    I am using Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803 laptop from a while. Recently I came to know that it is possible to burn labels directly onto special disks in my laptop. I am very excited about this thing and I also wish to do so. And as I am a newbie and donít have much computer knowledge I donít know how to burn labels. Is there any particular software required for it? What should I do? Please if anyone is having any information, help me. It would be appreciated for sure. Thanks in advance.

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    re: How to burn labels on Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803

    Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803 has a Fixed Optical Disk Drive which uses Labelflash media to burn high quality labels directly to the disc. You must use the Labelflash disc to do it. Normally the name of the labeling software is printed on both the sides of the label burning CD discs. Labeling discs helps in recognizing your file fast and accurate. The process of labeling is very simple and consumes less time as compared to time taken while searching the files. Since the burnt labels are permanent, they are preferred over the print out labelers which can be removed easily. You can also use Lightscribe or Corel MovieFactory to burn label on the CD disc.

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    re: How to burn labels on Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803

    You must follow these few instructions if you want to burn labels:
    • Start the Labeling program.
    • Hope you have CD discs which can be used with the labeling software. Also make sure the disc drive is fully compatible with the labeling software which you are using.
    • Insert a disc into the drive and always remember that the label side is facing down.
    • Input the text or image that you wish to print as a label on the CD when prompted.
    • Enter the text into the allocated field.
    • Select the font style according to your choice.
    • Select the number of labels you plan to create with the already selected options. You have to insert more CD discs for these additional labels.
    • If you want to check if the label looks fine then Preview the label.

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    re: How to burn labels on Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803

    You need to follow thses few steps to print a Labelflash label on a disc.
    • Start >> All Programs >>DVD MovieFactory for Toshiba >> Ulead DVD MovieFactory for Toshiba >> Print Disc label >> Label Printing.
    • Clicking the Label Printing button will launch the Ulead Label@Once program window.
    • Now create a label image.
    • Select the optical drive in the printer list.
    • Click the Label Flash Setting button.
    • Select the Draw Quality according to your choice.
    • Click OK button and you will return back to the previous window.
    • Finally to create the label image on the disc click Apply.

    Always remember to write all files to the disc before printing the label image as it will be impossible to write after the label image is printed.

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    Re: How to burn labels on Toshiba Satellite A505-S69803

    Thanks for the quick replies. You guys were really helpful. Now I will be able to create my own labels on my collection of CDs. Labeling would finally make my work a bit less as I wonít have to waste a lot of my time searching what does every CD contains. Also I liked your step by step explanations. It makes it easier for newbie like us to understand the technical things with very less effort. I am looking forward to the forum for more help in future. Thanks again.

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