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Thread: Notepad on Nokia 5800

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    Notepad on Nokia 5800

    Hi I am using the Nokia mobile phone and I using the same from last one year. The 5800 is quite impressive phone and it has really served me a lot. Now the thing here is that I want to have notepad on my mobile phone actually there are some pdf files which are easily accessible without any trouble on my phone but I need the application which will give me the notepad functionality on the phone. So please the Nokia users help me in this case and suggest me some of the application with their benefits. I hope I may get a positive response from the same.

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    Re: Notepad on Nokia 5800

    The first thing that I want to tell you here is that there are various applications available for the mobile phone that you are using and one of them is nothing but light notepad it is nothing but the content editor where you can create the data of your own and also can save the same on your mobile phone and can have the same in use whenever you want. And the best thing here is that you can also integrate the same on your computer system.

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    Re: Notepad on Nokia 5800

    Well if you will ask me then I am also using the same mobile phone and the thing here is that i am using the application called scratchpad and it is really the far better application that I have ever used and this one is really serving me the best. So what I want you to do here is that just try and download this one on your phone and then see how it goes. I am sure that downloading this application nd then installing it will solve all your concerns regarding the phone.

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    Re: Notepad on Nokia 5800

    According to me you have to install the application called Mini Ad Cloud for your phone and then see whether it resolves the problem or not. The application works very well. Rapid charge your mobile phone. It installed without any problem. Well if you are trying to edit the file name in this application then it will not be possible. While writing if you hit return the cursor goes to the next line, but when you are watching everything online makes it hard to read. you need to use special characters for distinguishing the next line.

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    Re: Notepad on Nokia 5800

    ScratchPad is a very simple application that allows you to scribble notes on a virtual book with the stylus 5800. The application is very quick and easy to use and as always with NokiApp, is totally and absolutely free. Launch of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has led the market with a lot of free applications. ScratchPad is the new application that can be used as a notebook on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The fun of using this application is that it gives a sense of writing in a real notebook where you can browse the pages in Notepad and tears, if you like what you've written. The application is fully compatible with Nokia 5800, Nokia N97 and Samsung Omnia HD is, every fifth Edition Symbian S60

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