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Thread: Wireless LED switches off unexpectedly in Sony Vaio

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    Wireless LED switches off unexpectedly in Sony Vaio

    I recently purchased the Sony vaio laptop having I7 processor with windows 7 installed in it. The performance that it is providing is the best, but it was having some of the problem present in it. The problem is that the wireless LED is switching off at random without I doing anything to it, I am not able to detect why it is happening but it is happening. The switch which is present is on but the Led which is connected to it is not on, so because of that I am not able to connect to the internet, as the connection is only not detected. So can anyone can help me in coming out of this problem.

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    Re: Wireless LED switches off unexpectedly in Sony Vaio

    The solution is present with me and it was a big task to find the solution of the problem, as the problem was also faced by me in the past, go to the Sony Vaio home page, and from there download all the update that is present in it and store it on the desktop. Once you have downloaded then install the update manually in the laptop of yours, then once you have installed the update, the system will prompt to restart the laptop, then just do as it says and restart the computer, as you do this the change that is been done will be taking effect. The main task in this is to find the proper driver for a correct model, if any of the mismatch happens then it will create the problem in the system.

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    Re: Wireless LED switches off unexpectedly in Sony Vaio

    I was also facing this kind of the problem from past a week, the solution which I will provide is a temporary one and It may work for some and for some it will not work, so just forgive me for that as this solution had worked for me, when the laptop is been rebooting at that particular time the hardware radio switch will be automatically turned off, to do this you have to go to network and sharing center, from there you have to change the setting of the adapter which is present in the section named as Change adapter settings, in that you have to click on the wireless network. In the wireless Network just disable and enable the network device which is present in it.

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    Re: Wireless LED switches off unexpectedly in Sony Vaio

    I just want to ask you that is the wireless enabled in the laptop of yours, if it is not present then just enable it, after you doing that hold the Fn and the F5 key that will help you to go in the wireless interface. Once you have entered in it then search for the wireless network, once you have found it then save the setting by providing the username and the password, the whole game is in this, and if the username and the password is accepted by the system then you will never get disconnected from the wireless connection. But if you are not able to do that then you have to do it manually.

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    Re: Wireless LED switches off unexpectedly in Sony Vaio

    Hey guys thank you the solution that you have provided to me, the problem was really irritating me a lot and I was at the verge of just giving the laptop to the service center and everyone knows that how the people of the service center just drag the work for a long time, but the problem was solved as soon as possible by you people, but the same problem would take around a week to be solved and to get the laptop into my hand, as all my work is been done on the laptop, so thanks a lot as you have saved a lot of time of mine and also solved the problem as soon as possible.

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