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Thread: Music files not working in music player

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    Music files not working in music player

    Can you please solve my problem? Whenever Iím trying to open musical file in an appropriate music player the operation cannot work correctly. Whether file present in memory card or not it cannot work properly. Most of the times it will show the operation failed error messages. Can you pleases specify the actual problem and its appropriate solutions.

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    Re: Music files not working in music player

    I have the same issue faced. In that case, I have check that whether any virus affected by the memory card or phone memory or music player in that mobile phones. By using antivirus, I have clean all the viruses present in the phone memory and memory card. Then finally it would work properly without any problem. So maybe you try to scan your files and repair files if any infected due to the viruses.

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    Re: Music files not working in music player

    Hey I think your music player is corrupted due to the viruses. You need to do the following process:
    ē The first step is to be uninstalled the music player.
    ē Then check any virus affected by the music file or not. If it is affected then repaired it.
    ē Finally reinstalled the music player.
    This step will helpful for avoiding this kind of problem.

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    Re: Music files not working in music player

    You need to delete the virus infected music files. After that again by using some music files which will not be affected due to the viruses check whether it will work properly or not. If it works properly then the problem would be solved. If the problem didnít solve the problem, then it may be case that the supported files present in music player affected by the viruses.

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    Re: Music files not working in music player

    I have managed to fix my problem, just by using the Nokia OVI suite software that was supplied with the phone. However, the problem hasn't COMPLETELY been solved! Everything has been fine; I have been listening to music with no troubles. The other day, I put an album on my phone using the OVI suite as usual, and everything was normal. I listened to the album with no problems.

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