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Thread: Ipad 2: speakers are not working properly

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    Ipad 2: speakers are not working properly

    It's a week since I had bought the Ipad 2 and I am facing a serious problem along with the speakers of it. Well, I cannot hear any sound from the speakers. This is pretty nasty. The pad is so new and it has started giving me troubles. Now I have to continually use it. Well, the whole system is very good and every time I listen to some songs I switch the speaker but the sound which I get from it, actually it is not up to the mark. At that time it plays really well. The real problem is with the speakers. Apple people answer it. I am sure that you guys have solution for this query.

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    Re: Ipad 2: speakers are not working properly

    I think you should adjust the volume levels for testing whether you are able to hear properly or not. Have you tried to listen this at the highest level? So if I'm wrong. They are unable to listen to the calls you receive through the front speakers which you have in your pad and during playback of songs that can easily listen through the speakers. So I hope I have explained the situation is right. So assuming that is correct I would suggest you work on your volume controls. You certainly have a solution there.

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    Re: Ipad 2: speakers are not working properly

    Well, whatever you have explained the situation that is perfectly correct and let me tell you that I checked with the volume settings of the phone and found at the highest level. So no need to give me a solution that I am quite clear with all the adjustments. Any other solution you can send to me then would be great. Well I had a chat with some of my friends about this particular problem and it does not appear to have any idea about it. So any of you who have the solutions and then bring back to me.

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    Re: Ipad 2: speakers are not working properly

    If nothing is working in your case so in the last the best solution would bring the ipad to the dealer where you have carried this. So you would be able to get some advice accordingly on the subject. Probably it is the best way to get your ipad2 replaced by a new one. That would be the best option for you. Well, you can have a chat with the apple people on the same subject and report the problem and seek an appropriate solution. You might be able to get a solution for you. As there is no specific solution that I can give here. After the previous suggestion would certainly be of great help to you.

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    Re: Ipad 2: speakers are not working properly

    I think the best option in this case would be format it. This is the only option which will be going to help you. Well the exact methods for the format you will be easily able to get it on to the website. You can take a look at the steps and accordingly deal with that. Remember to keep a backup of all data that is present there. I am after doing this you will able to get rid from this situation. And please tell me that what is happen in that whether you get the solution or not.

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