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Thread: Logitech G700 middle click not working

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    Logitech G700 middle click not working

    I just received my Logitech G700 for about 2 weeks directly from (sent from U.S. to Middle East) and now click in the middle no longer works. It usually click on a rigid (i guess it was designed like that) now there is no click, as if something just broke inside, it just makes you click the middle button but it does not click as it is supposed do. Spongy pressed with a rare feeling. I think I'll send it back...I am running a Windows XP on my machine.

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    Re: Logitech G700 middle click not working

    Most X applications with the certainty that the user will use a 3 button mouse. Serial mice are commonly used on computers and are cheap. Most of these mice have 3 buttons and say they use the Microsoft protocol, which in theory means they are perfect for X configuration. (Most of the functional 3-button mouse is the cheapest $ 1.14. Most dual-protocol mice will work in two modes:
    • 2-button Microsoft mode.
    • MouseSystems 3-button Mouse Systems.

    As distributions become increasingly simple to install, most problems disappear. For example, RedHat has the program mouseconfig to set things up for you. However, some versions of RH5.0 had a bug in mouseconfig , so check the existence of corrections.

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    Re: Logitech G700 middle click not working

    I have gone through the same issue when I was using the mouse with the three buttons. I had configured using xmodmap, I seek This now under F10 it does not seem to take into account that I have nothing but errors. I'm working on it this weekend and I'll tell you. In fact a small tip if you do not know the last nautilus you can do a ctrl-T or middle mouse click on a folder to open it in a tab.

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    Re: Logitech G700 middle click not working

    As you have bought this mouse just before sometime, I guess it must be having some warranty period which you must use now. I think it would be best if you can send this mouse back to amazon so that they can check whether there is anything wrong with the mouse or not. If not then too, Your problem gets solved as there is nothing wrong with the mouse and you just need to do proper settings to use middle click of it.

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