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Thread: Samsung Galaxy i9000: Internal memory loss

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    Samsung Galaxy i9000: Internal memory loss

    I have Samsung Galaxy i9000. I am using the last of about two weeks. Last night when I was playing one of the game so at that time I have seen that it is prompting me a message which is showing that less memory and after the game ends. Sometimes I get this message when I call. This is the first time, I'm getting this message. Previously it was working fine. Can you tell me what's wrong with that and the way in which the problem can be solved?

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy i9000: Internal memory loss

    There may be many messages in the phone memory possibly consume space in the phone memory. You must change the message to the memory card and this memory will release a large amount and expand the phone's processing speed. If you're an e-mail in depth, then it is likely that the C: drive is the memory may be nearly complete. Just confirm that these two things and hopefully this will resolve the problem for you. Another thing you can have an effect on memory of the phone is the browser cache. Test that too.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy i9000: Internal memory loss

    If we talk about the Samsung galaxy then I would like to tell you that you should contain about 55 MB of internal memory. To verify the information in the memory then you are able to follow the following:

    Menu> Options> Memory details or details> Phone memory.

    Or you are able to browse through:

    Menu>> Application>> Office> File Manager>> Phone Memory> Options>>> Details

    When you decide which will then demonstrate the list of things that eat your phone memory. From there you may be able to identify what is consuming more memory and because of that you are able to remove if you do not require that. This will free up phone memory on your phone and your speed increases.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy i9000: Internal memory loss

    After reading all this situation I think all this happen may be because of the older version of the software and that's why you are facing this kind of issues. If your phone is running beyond the memory then upgrade it to the new version. When I was going through the same mistake then I did the same and this solves the problem for me. You should check if the new firmware on the internet rather than installed on your mobile. I hope this will also solve the problem for you.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy i9000: Internal memory loss

    You can try a soft reset of your phone. It is very simple to do that. If you do then it will restore. Ini from ROM. For this you can access the phone settings and select Restore factory settings. Or the alternative way of doing this is to type key *#*#7780#*#*code on your mobile. This is just mix of keyboard keys on your mobile. When prompted for the security code then the code is 00000000. After completion of this phone back to factory settings, you keep the private data, such as music, photography, and any third-party application installed on the phone. Anyway, it is suggested to build a backup before performing any of the talked about the procedures.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy i9000: Internal memory loss

    Try to make all possible solutions to this and ensure that this can solve the problem for you. If the problem has disappeared since then is well and if I can not help you then agree with the only option left for you is to do the hard reset the phone. To Hard Reset Nokia C3 (English), just press *#*#7780#*#* along with that press Dial. The demand for your security code is 00000000 by default. Please be aware that you will lose all data on your phone. So you should backup all relevant information about it.

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