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Thread: Can Macbook be replaced by an iPad or iPad 2

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    Can Macbook be replaced by an iPad or iPad 2

    I am having a two macbooks out of which one is out of condition. I meant to say it is not at all working properly and I am about to throw it in dustbin. I have heard many good things about an iPad 2 but still I want to ask it to you guys that will it be okay to replace the macbook with an iPad 2? I mean can iPad 2 will able to work as a replacement of macbook? I just want to consider the surfing, email, word processing, billing, etc.

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    Re: Can Macbook be replaced by an iPad or iPad 2

    I guess we will still use a Mac as a nurse of the IPAD, because the IPAD really need it. If so, then you have, at least, to connect to iTunes (you need to IOS updates and backups). You must realize that the IPAD is not a file system as a mac. Each application in the IPAD maintains its own data files. For example, you can coordinate a PDF from a Mac to the IPAD, using, for example, FileBrowser, iFiles, or Cloud Connect Pro But that file resides in the receiving application. If you are on Cloud Connect GoodReader feel like to open it in, then you must send GoodReader where it preserves its own copy of the file. An entire process is a bit ancient compared to a Mac, but it works.

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    Re: Can Macbook be replaced by an iPad or iPad 2

    Since more and more applications using MobileMe iDisk and / or Dropbox to access files, you may consider any one service to obtain the files to / from a Mac to iDisk / Dropbox and then from / to the IPAD. You can also get Mac files to iTunes or Padsync IPAD (avoid using iTunes to sync files.) Through FileBrowser or Cloud Connect Pro you would be able to utilize the IPAD to contact other computers and begin synchronizing IPAD instead of getting it from the mac. I'm not confident about the Time Capsule, I believe that's achievable, straight on the IPAD with the correct application. Only in recent months, it seems that new applications are emerging to push the envelope a little more in terms of connectivity. I'm sure things will improve with time.

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    Re: Can Macbook be replaced by an iPad or iPad 2

    I think macbook is always better then that of any tablet pc as there is still difference between the hardware support of the laptop and tablet pc. So the things that you can run on tablet pc would be much lesser than that of macbook. You can experience this while playing the high graphical game as your iPad won't be having such graphic support to play such games on it. Other then this, Ram support could be a considerable thing. You can always expand the ram support on laptop but this is not the case with the tablet pc.

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    Re: Can Macbook be replaced by an iPad or iPad 2

    Yes, It is true that the laptop can have better hardware support as compare to the tablet pc but when it comes to the portability then nobody is better than the tablet pc. It is lighter, smaller with the great looks. I suggest you to buy an iPad only if you are not going to play heavy games on it or not going to run any heavy application on it.

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