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Thread: MSI GX723 Black screen when playing game

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    MSI GX723 Black screen when playing game

    I have not played a game in over a year on this laptop a few weeks ago because I was tired of the issue of screen black that no one appears to be able to assist me with that I have to play games that I can survive without them, but I remunerated for a gaming notebook is a laptop which only has to write notes as I mention over I utilize this laptop for work, so I don 't have any trouble, as well while I try to play a game why it was re-released to save time in explaining the complete thing again. I know you do not have to help me but it would be good to hear something more than annoying to clean your heatsink or try another game or try another driver IV tried almost everything now. Anyone have idea about this? If anyone here find any way out solution for this than please just let me know.

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    Re: MSI GX723 Black screen when playing game

    The strange thing is that I too having this problem exactly the same now. Is a new development and is quite annoying. For new I mean, primary seen that a pair of months, but I thought it was an accident. Over time it has been increasingly frequent. It only happens in every game and basically that was mentioned in the other person Demon's has seen me too. This earlier weekend I immediately did a full clean OSRI but simply had it happened another time some minutes before. This prompted me to return to the forums looking for others who have seen this before. Low and behold the exact similar problem right on the first page.

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    Re: MSI GX723 Black screen when playing game

    How much i know about this, i think this problem is unique for several reasons.
    1. The system does not seem to have crashed for the period of this these episodes. No minidump files are created, all LED activity remains usual. The system seems to be on standby but is not capable to wake.
    2. The system is in standby (as a minimum not in my case) and all the options of sleep and hibernation have been immortalized in the operating system.
    3. Windows is not reporting any type of system (software or hardware) is faulty in the event viewer. In point of fact, there are just shocks created by the lockout, which is essential during these episodes.
    4. While the video is mislay, the system does not respond to keyboard functions. For instance: I tried to manually restart or shutdown the system through keyboard functions (Windows-arrow key on the right-Enter to stop the Windows key or right-arrow-arrow right arrow up-arrow-Enter to restart ) during one of these episodes, however, these attempts are useless.

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    Re: MSI GX723 Black screen when playing game

    Can I ask how you got drivers to work for the 64 bit version of Microsoft windows 7? I have both 64 and 32 bit ultimate. I newly setup 32, because I wasnít aware of any drivers which worked with the graphics card on 64 bit. On a new note I canít get my computer to discover my GT130m later than I took the card out you got any thoughts. I open another post regarding the problem. And did you know regarding the extensive BIOS options, push Ctrl + insert some good overclocking alternatives in there.

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    Re: MSI GX723 Black screen when playing game

    A few laptops are somewhat fussy as to what order you setup the drivers. For instance, a few modems rely on the audio drivers to make the annoying dial-up sounds you hear while you connect. As well, lots of drivers rely greatly on the chipset; therefore the chipset should all the time be installed first. This is completely factual on lots of Dell model laptops though I am not completely certain on MSI thus I play it safe and setup Chipset, then SCM, video, audio etc. The remaining in no exacting order. Once more I am not certain that it even stuffs on MSI laptops but this categorizes worked for me. The whole thing on the system works flawlessly counting the sub-woofer, ECO and Turbo.

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    Re: MSI GX723 Black screen when playing game

    You are right. I was looking via the Microsoft windows 7 drivers and there is 64 bit in every one didnít observe that earlier than I might have reinstall the x64 edition but you say you got the GeForce drivers from Nvidia site. I have tried them in the long-ago and they would not work on my windows vista. I might give them a try again on the windows 7 64 bit. I not at all really understood why just the MSI drivers worked earlier than could it be the BIOS they utilized. I have no idea. As well how regarding the SCM does that work on the 64 bit edition of windows. I have heard from others it does not. I have as well observed that you have the similar model gx723 but spec are somewhat different mine is Intel duo core p8600 @2.40ghz strange and the additional BIOS alternatives is ALT + insert I think I got it incorrect before.

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