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Thread: Nokia E52 font issue

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    Nokia E52 font issue

    Three months back I had purchased nokia E52 cell phone . Since last few days I am facing certain issues with font size. If I set font size to small or big size nothing happens its size remains same . I don’t find anything difference between previous and current font size. Different font sizes are not responding.It is bit frustrating for me.I tried with default setting but problem did not get solved . I will appreciate your suggestions.

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    Re: Nokia E52 font issue

    Normally your phone contains instructions for different applications.There are instructions to help you in any of the phone applications. These instructions you can easily find in help menu of the cell phone. Go to help and open the application which you want it will guide you. According to that you do the setting in font manager. After that restart your cell phone.From help you can get solution of your problem. And do the same to solve it.

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    Re: Nokia E52 font issue

    Hi, even I am also facing the same problem .when I change my font size to bigger size letters font size donít get changed. Then again I tried to change font size to small but now also its size is not changing . All fonts of operator logo, digital clock and date are not getting changed. I looked out for some solution but nothing helped this problem. Then I tried restore setting after that I switched of mobile then again I switch it on .Now everything is working fine. So I will suggest you to try this solution.

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    Re: Nokia E52 font issue

    I also had experience of same kind of problem . I got solution . you can solve this problem easily.Goto menu there you open folder called as Office folder .There you will find font magnifier option . In that folder you will view different font size option from small to large font size. Set it according to your need and comport. Once you set font size then reboot your device. Now it will work fine.If still it is not working then go for software updation.

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    Re: Nokia E52 font issue

    To solve such problem first you need to change font size by going into font manager . Once you have set font size in font manger restart your phone. It will work normally. If still it is not working then restore your settings ,most probably your issue will get solved. If still problem remains then there is software problem . Take it to Nokia care center for software issue. Most probably they will fix the problem by updating mobile software.

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    Re: Nokia E52 font issue

    Some of the bits and pieces down is agreed to the Nokia E55. Rather than association a 12 contemporary world final complete to my E55 review, I've built-in all the aside you inevitability 'inline', below. So apologies all for the basic duplication, just at least possible alien readers faculty achieve the abounding picture.

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    Re: Nokia E52 font issue

    experienced the same problem and found a solution.

    Go to Menu, then Office folder, then open Font Magnifier set it to your desired font size then reboot....

    please pm me if you're still unable to solve the problem..

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