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Thread: Camera not working in the micromax mobile

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    Camera not working in the micromax mobile

    Since around 2 or 3 month I am being using micromax mobile and it was woking fine for a certain time, but after some time the camera was getting hanged, so due that I went to the service center to get it done right, but the service center said that the camera was broken from inside when it was with them so we tried to tell them that it was their fault then why are they not fixing? They answered that it was not the company policy to do that. Plz help of about what to do?

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    Re: Camera not working in the micromax mobile

    I am really not satisfied with the type of service they are providing and the way they treat the customer when they come there to solve the issue, also my friend had taken a mobile and he started facing problem like key pad not working and the display problem. Once he had given a call to the customer care but, it was of no use because they were not ready to solve the problem, and always say that you have to go to the service center for the same issue.

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    Re: Camera not working in the micromax mobile

    I had some different type of experience with these people, when my aunt had provided me a gift of micromax mobile, they told her the features that were not present in the mobile only. So when I and my aunt went to the shop from where did she purchased, the person who dealt with her told her that the feature what I told you was present in the mobile, but the mobile was not the same in which they had told .they are cheaters and do not provide any information which are irrelevant and not upto the piont

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    Re: Camera not working in the micromax mobile

    according to me nokia customer care is one of the best, because they are the one who provide quick response and whatever be the issue they take full charge of it and then they provide with the full servicing of the device on their own in a minimum days to repair and provide it to the customer. so i prefer with nokia when compare with the micro max services from the customer care, also the gallery of nokia is more compare to the micro max mobile.

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