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Thread: No vibration in nokia 3110c

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    No vibration in nokia 3110c

    I am using nokia 3110 c cell phone since last one year. Every feature of it is working fine. But I am experiencing one problem in this. that Vibrator is not working in the phone. Whenever I keep my cell phone on vibration mode nothing happens it remains silent without any vibration.I tried different profile and reset factory settings and other option as well but none of them worked .Can anyone help me in this? whether it is software or hardware problem?

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    Re: No vibration in nokia 3110c

    First you need to check that whether in your cell phone vibration is activated on or not. To check this go to profile setting and if you find vibration off then turned it on. You can keep it on different profile as well. Normally in silent profile vibrator is off by default so if you want you can turn it on. Even then also if it is not working then there is some hardware problem. You need to get your hardware problem solved at repair center.

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    Re: No vibration in nokia 3110c

    Make sure that you have activated vibrator in personal setting of your cell phone settings. If vibrator is activated somewhere in some profile and still vibration is not working even if that profile is activated. Then you have to remove the front PCB, beneath that will see a motor. Check out for the motor if it is not rotating then change the motor. If motor works then look out for the loose connections and fix that. Instead doing all this you can take it to service center and get it done.

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    Re: No vibration in nokia 3110c

    If vibrator of your cell phone is not working it is mainly because two reason. One is software failure and other is hardware failure. If you have minor problems then you can fix it by restoring factory settings. Else you can look into profile settings and there you activate vibrator option. I f you are not able to resolve your problem then last option is give it for repairing .They will either change the motor or update the software of you cell phone.

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