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Thread: Unable to Access micromax x 600 Phone Memory

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    Unable to Access micromax x 600 Phone Memory

    Hello friends, I recently got a new micromax x600 cell phone. But the phone is giving me a certain issues from the day I have taken it. The thing is when I am connecting the mobile from the USB cable, it shows the content in the form of two drives like phone memory and SD card memory, I transferred the whole content and the software that I needed, but after some time when I again check the connection, it did not show any of the content and it can only been seen when you reconnect the usb cable to the socket again. This is a weird problem and I do not know why this is happening the only thing I am afraid that the data which I have stored in the memory will be there or lost.

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    Re: Unable to Access micromax x 600 Phone Memory

    Did u tried removing the memory card and then seen connecting to the USB slot that is present, it will show the content of the phone memory only then try the following thing. Then try transferring some kind of the data into the phone memory, once if it working fine, then it will be the issue of the phone memory then the simple thing is to change the memory card. If that also do not work then try to change the handset as it is in warranty period because the problem may occur in the phone. So the thing what is happening will be eliminate, there might be a particular bug in the phone which is been creating a problem.

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    Re: Unable to Access micromax x 600 Phone Memory

    Hey dude I was facing the same problem in the same device, the only thing in that is whenever I am connecting through the pc, I am not able to see anything. I think the main issue in my case lies in the usb cable, as it was pulled once by my friends, the connection in the wire must have broken and the contact to the device is not happening. I tried contacting the people who had an extra cable and when I connected it was working well. So try changing the USB cable, this may fix the issue of frequently getting disconnected from the computer.

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    Re: Unable to Access micromax x 600 Phone Memory

    Try checking the driver of the micromax that was providing by the manufacturer, it may be the issue of the driver that is been present. Also try to format the phone memory in the device as it may be infected by the virus which would have got transferred from the computer or the other device. Also check the connectivity that are present, it may be in loose contact which is providing such an error. Connect the wire from the behind the cabinet that is directly from the motherboard, or better try t replace the device so that it do not provide any further inconvenience.

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    Re: Unable to Access micromax x 600 Phone Memory

    Thank you for all of you as the problem in the mobile phone is been done. The main issue was in the cable wire , so I took a nokia cable wire and connected it and it was working fine, thanking you for all the advices that you people has provided, now I can be connected to the phone memory for a long period of time and without having any difficulties in the transferring of the data through the data cable to my mobile device.

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