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Thread: Email setup on NOKIA E7

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    Email setup on NOKIA E7

    I recently bought a Nokia E7-00 and I am waiting for your arrival and just wanted to ask a question to which you have. Do any of you have synchronized via gmail to exchange email and have had problems with syncing mail, contacts and calendar so far? It is my main work email and am waiting for a perfect experience. I have read of owners N8 experiencing problems is through email Ovi and therefore wanted to dispense with it altogether.

    Thank you very much !

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    Re: Email setup on NOKIA E7

    I had my e7 now for a week. Here are my opinions first:

    • The calendar function is worse than e75! When you have the monthly view you do not see any appiontments more like it did in the E75! What is the use of the monthly view? Get a overview your calendar is very hard on this phone this phone wasn't to be the latest Nokia phone business?
    • The email appears to have the same problem (IMAP4 client) that the E75 with the email that must be removed before new ones can recover.
    • The phone looks and feels good to get used to it.
    • However the common problems with frozen screens.

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    Re: Email setup on NOKIA E7

    It's as simple as that. When configuring your Gmail account is likely to be asked whether you agree with the terms of service. If you choose to accept that all inbox messages will be sent via Nokia servers and pushed to your device. The connection is always on drums and is very efficient. I actually prefer this method. But it just does not work! Well, what if you do not agree?

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    Re: Email setup on NOKIA E7

    If you do not accept the conditions of service then the input tray as standard will be established through IMAP. Nokia servers would never be in a middle - it's just the N8 and Google. Using this method it syncs everything perfectly and I even noticed some additional options. The biggest downfall is this connection is always on. The lowest time of synchronization is every 5 minutes. Some of you are crazy about e-mail and immediate need. While this will not give immediate notification, 5 minutes is enough for me. I also noticed that the battery has a bigger hit when using the method of descent. Why? I think because every 5 minutes trying to be a full synchronization.

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    Re: Email setup on NOKIA E7

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    Re: Email setup on NOKIA E7

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