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Thread: How to get back safari on ipad

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    How to get back safari on ipad

    I had lost Safari on my iPad. I do not know how it is uninstalled. My brother is using the tablet and suddenly this was missing. I want a bit help to get it back. I am trying to find the same in apps but it is missing. I hope this is not some kind of serious problem. Is it possible to get Safari back through iTunes. I have a iPhone also in which it is available but in iPad I am not able to find the same.

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    Try to backup all the files from the iPad through iTunes and run a full factory restore. This will restore the original settings back again and will also put back all the pre-installed applications in the device. This will put back Safari in your tablet. This is the easiest method. Also if your tablet is working slow through restoration your device will start working more better. I was recently facing a bit issue with video files. They were lagging but after factory reset things are working fine. So just try that.

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    As far as I know you cannot uninstall or delete Safari from the iPad and iPhone. It remains in it but it can be stopped. Before going for a full restoration just check the settings. That will help you more in fixing the problem. Go in Settings and then go in Generate. There you have to find the Restriction. Tap on that and look for Safari. Tap it and modify the settings. Then go and check back in the menu. Also try to find Safari in the search box. You will get it listed easily.

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