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Thread: Motorola Gp 340 programming software

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    Motorola Gp 340 programming software

    Hello friends I have been switched from using Nokia as a mobile phone to the Motorola GP 340, just couple a months ago and I have been not able to get the programming software for the same. Though the Motorola mobile looks fine but there are some of the functionality that are a bit tough to get hold onto, I would want to carry out some of the changes myself and that is for that I would want to have a programming software for the same, so can some one help me to know where would I find this programming software for the Motorola GP 340 mobile phone.

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    Re: Motorola Gp 340 programming software

    In order to program the Motorola GP340, there is a special component called a RIB-less cable for the MotorolP340 to "developed". This converter will work for the whole series and identical GP3xx and was tried out by the specialist team but only because of lack of ability on Motorola GP340. From this circuit were 2 prototypes built on breadboard and a final version in SMD assembly. The first prototype that is built up with a MAX232 and a driver IC (7407). The driver IC is, however, needed to control the LED is not particularly meaningful, which is scheduled not in the current version. On the contrary, the driver IC has already been removed and replaced by a simple jumper. So what I believe is that there is a sufficient complexity that will be involved in the transformation.

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    Re: Motorola Gp 340 programming software

    What I think is that it is impossible to program these stations without RIB. The RIB is a programming interface is a device that makes the computer stations will "understand" There are several originals of Motorola and some very easy to make yourself. If you do not know or do not understand, it is best to download all who are associated by name with the station you want to program and this is what I think will be best for you since there could be some other problem if you do not make the program of the device accurately, so it is better to avoid doing it by yourself.

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    Re: Motorola Gp 340 programming software

    Hey what I have see from this Motorola GP 340 of your is that the circuit which is used inside act as an interface converter is not very good in terms used in the MAX232, MAX233 but one which here in the form of a MAX233AEWP is utilized. This is actually a MAX232 with built-in capacitors and is used as a SMD component. Of course, the circuit can be constructed with a MAX232, thus making the whole but also a little larger and it will then also need 4 more capacitors. Looking at the internal structure of the mobile device what I think is that there could be differences in opinion to get the software through which we will be able to get the updation.

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    Re: Motorola Gp 340 programming software

    Well why not friend just as we have got the firmware upgrade for each and every mobile phone, the same way there is a update to your Motorola GP 338 as well. You can get the update from the download site from where you can get the update of the Motorola firmware upgrades. You will have to attach the usb cords that comes with the mobile phone through which you will be able to get the upgrade directly onto your mobile phone. I have even heard that the Motorola doesn’t provides this cord, so what I think you will have to buy it from outside to carry on the updation.

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