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Thread: How to move iPhone contacts to PC

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    How to move iPhone contacts to PC

    Hi guys I have just bought the iPhone 4 and need your help to deal with my problem. Al these years I was using either a Nokia or a Samsung mobile and am new to the Apple devices. I am not sure and don’t get the procedure as to how to transfer my iPhone contacts to my machine. I have tried looking for the options but I really find difficulty in moving ny contacts. Please need help.

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    Re: How to move iPhone contacts to PC

    If you are using computers then you will need to follow few initial steps before you sync your iPhone with the computer. First make sure that the add in option is enabled in the Outlook application in your computer. To check it do the following :
    a. In the Outlook application first you need to pick “Tools” and under it go for “Options”.
    b. Here you are supposed to select “Others” and then go for the “Advanced Options”.
    c. In advanced options choose “COM add ins” and go for the iTunes sync add-in and press enter.
    d. After which you are supposed to select “Apply”. Now you can successfully sync your iPhone to your computer and transfer the data.

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    Re: How to move iPhone contacts to PC

    Your iPhone contacts are automatically synchronized from your phone to the computer, nevertheless it is on you to decide as to you want to make any specifications as to where you want to save or secure the information. Now using the connection cord you need to attach your phone. After which you can go to the iPhone segment in the iTunes application and then select the “info” tab and move to the contacts segment. Here you need to check in the box for the option which says "Sync Address Book Contacts". When you connect you will see that the Apple application will automatically open up and will sync with the data of your iPhone. Now you can select the contacts that you want to transfer.

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    Re: How to move iPhone contacts to PC

    If you are a MAC user than following is a step by step procedure :
    A. First you need to connect the iPhone device to your machine and you will notice that the iTunes application will automatically pop up.
    B. Now in the iTunes application look for the source pane and select iPhone.
    C. Here you are supposed to choose ‘sync address book contacts’.
    D. After the above step you have to choose ‘all contacts’ or you can even go for the ‘selected groups’, that you desire to sync.
    E. After which you can easily move your contacts.

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    Re: How to move iPhone contacts to PC

    In certain situation the iTunes application fails to move the iPhone files to the computer due to some sync issues. So in such situation you should make use of the iPhone Transfer software. Using this software you can reliably move your contacts, messages, pictures, videos and al the applications you want to secure. There are several applications on the internet which will help you to sync your iPhone and transfer your contacts, and all you need to do is install the application and sync your iPhone.

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    Re: How to move iPhone contacts to PC

    iPhone File Transfer is an application using which you can easily move the data on your iPhone to the computer. First download the software on your machine and after the download install the application. After the installation of the application you should restart the computer. Now you are supposed to connect your iPhone to the computer. As soon as you connect your iPhone you will see that the application that you have installed will detect your phone and will reflect the files from your phone. Now all you need to do is select the files you want to secure in your case the contacts and click on “Export” button. After which you can do two things either export the data to the computer or to the iTunes application directly. Thus you will get a window which will prompt you that the export is finished.

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