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Thread: Iphone 4 Orange Livebox Wi-Fi Problem

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    Iphone 4 Orange Livebox Wi-Fi Problem

    I recently bought iphone 4. I set the Wi-Fi link at residence with my orange router. WEP key entered, click again to Livebox and iphone picked up the link without problem. While the iphone is on, Wi-Fi is outstanding. The moment the phone goes in standby mode or is idle for a while, it drops the Wi-Fi signal. I get the message "Cannot join the network ". This is not usual. I have had many lengthy and frustrating calls to customer service apple. They all offer different advice and are very nice, but so far not anything work. If you have any solution then provides me please.

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    Re: Iphone 4 Orange Livebox Wi-Fi Problem

    Here are the steps that are needed to bond your iPod/iphone to a Livebox (Wi-Fi) I had the similar difficulty. For Configuring the iPhone4 follow the given instruction.
    • First Go into the Settings then choose Wi-Fi
    • go the little slider and the verify Access cursor to the right
    • choose the little blue arrow (network) and choose "Forget this network"
    • go back to the main menu, select Settings, then Wi-Fi and stay for the iPod look for all Wi-Fi networks. Click on the name of your network then the IPod inquire for a password.
    • This password is the WEP input of the Livebox (it is placed below it)
    • Enter the WEP key regarding uppercase, (push the arrow under the Q, at every letter you write) and with no spaces. Do not push "Join" instantly; you must first put the Livebox in pairing mode. Arrange the paring mode of the Livebox
    • push key 1 of your Livebox to place it in pairing mode. The LED blazes Wi-Fi Livebox, and now through the iPod chooses "Join".
    • Wait a small number of moments that connects the iPod, from at the moment you are able to surf the Internet.

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    Re: Iphone 4 Orange Livebox Wi-Fi Problem

    I just saw this problem on computer. I had Cisco ASM/2-32EM router, but I could not get this type of problem so I am not sure the solution but only thing I can advise is to rotate on the WEP security on the Livebox? I had connection matter with an Imac years before, before Orange/Wanadoo/ Freeserve maintained Macs, Apple and that worked. I hope this solution will help you to come out from your long problem.

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    Re: Iphone 4 Orange Livebox Wi-Fi Problem

    I thing you should to contact with your service provider, as you said you recently bought a new iphone and you have some problem. I hope you have warranty card. You have to go to your seller and say him/her about your issue. If they helped you then its better or you can call to customer service center. If any problems have with your router then the best solution is that just replaced it with any other branded router. I have apple and its working very fine for me if possible so you have to go with my last advice its better for you.

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