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Thread: Scanner is unable to detect iPhone

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    Scanner is unable to detect iPhone

    I do not be acquainted with that what the difficulty along with my scanner and also with the camera wizard? At first there was no trouble at all, the camera make use of the wizard to work properly along with the iPhone. Now simply cannot identify the iPhone when plugged in all time I attempt to open the browser and Camera Wizard but the choice of adding a device, but I cannot discover the iPhone on the list. Can anyone here recommend me something here?

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    Re: Scanner is unable to detect iPhone

    It's actually strange, and installed somewhat wrong that caused to see this kind of thing. Please, if you have installed something previous to this happened then uninstall and then attempt the thing. I am absolutely certain that later than this strange thing that will contact you uninstall the previous scenario. Until then, I will attempt to find more appropriate solutions and I will post very soon. We hope that you will receive your operation.

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    Re: Scanner is unable to detect iPhone

    I think there's a driver matter and can handle alone. All you need do is use the installer and not the wizard that was provided. The camera and scanner requires the driver so they are able to work devoid of flaw. I believe reinstalling the drivers will solve the problem they are facing at the moment. Please install the drivers before attempting to connect the devices. Please post, if this made the difference.

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    Re: Scanner is unable to detect iPhone

    Well, if I believe that I can help to you. Well, if you desire you are able to make use of the iPhone Explorer. I am not so certain, but can be utilized in a much. I have fought a battle along with iPhone. Furthermore, I warn you not have a ideal documentation for this software. So for that you just follow these steps::
    • HR Column choose the top selection along with the EDIT button to the sources.
    • Then you have to take away the folder.
    • Then clear the destination folder.

    I think this will help.

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    Re: Scanner is unable to detect iPhone

    I am suffering with the same kind of issue I guess. Whenever I plug in my camera into a USB port, the Scanner and Camera wizard no longer runs, well they used to work. However when I try to run I get an explorer box that pops up with the folder(s). The folders are nothing but the one on the memory stick. Also when I try to run the scanner and camera wizard manually it tells that the camera and the scanner cannot be recognized.

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