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Thread: Ringtone tab missing in iTunes

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    Ringtone tab missing in iTunes

    I am using an Apple Iphone 4 which runs on OS 4.2.1. Since last night I was trying to download ringtones but cannot get through it. I had even gone to the store, to purchase some ringtones. I got it in the music library on my machine, could not find the ringtone selection option on my Apple Iphone. In the ITunes application on my PC could not figure out the tab for ringtones, so I need some assistance and your opinions about this are welcome.

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    Re: Ringtone tab missing in iTunes

    To view the ringtone tab on the interface of the iTunes application you need to do the following which will certainly help you get the iTunes tab :
    a. First go to the “Edit” option
    b. Then move to the “Preferences”
    c. Next you choose option “General” and here you need to check the box and you will see that the tab will appear for the iTunes ringtone

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    Re: Ringtone tab missing in iTunes

    The ringtone tab in the iTunes application on your Apple iPhone will only allow you to sync if you have ringtones in iTunes. So if you have some ringtones on Garage Band then it is alright, or else if created in iTunes 10, you can still synchronize them. The only way to avoid this problem is to find readymade ringtones from the iPhone itself, and remember to go for the section of ringtones and not the music section, of the iTunes application.

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    Re: Ringtone tab missing in iTunes

    I just tried to create a list using my Apple iphone4 and for me everything worked properly. My problem now is that when I try to sync iTunes application on my Apple "iPhone" the tab does not appear. Do you have any idea why this might happen? Under settings I have even specified that the ringtones will be displayed. Someone told me to restart the iTunes application to solve the problem but nothing great happened.

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    Re: Ringtone tab missing in iTunes

    If you want to sync your ringtones to the Apple iPhone, then I wil suggest you a step by step procedure to do the sync :
    A. Connect your iPhone to your PC
    B. Now open the iTunes application and select File menu and go for “New smart playlist” option
    C. Match the following rule that is “ Kind ” ” is ” “ Ringtone ”
    D. Name the playlist
    E. Now in the iTunes application select iPhone from the list of devices
    F. Select the tab for that ringtone after which you are supposed to tick “sync ringtone-name”
    G. After which you have to confirm your action and you have the sync of your ringtone to the Apple iPhone

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