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Thread: I want to use chrome on Android

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    I want to use chrome on Android

    Coming on a system although I enjoyed Android but I want to configure Google chrome on the same so that I can take the advantage of shared bookmarks. Right now I am trying to search the same in the market but does not found any support for that. I also want to use the same on my system also. I had worked on chrome in my office and found this as one of the effective application. I feel that does there is a stable support provided for the Android or not. My task is to use the chrome bookmarks on my android, I just want to sync them properly, but not getting any solution on that. Also recommend me some better web browsers for android phone.

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    re: I want to use chrome on Android

    I recommend to use Dolphin Browser for the starting point. If you do not get really support for Chrome on your android then you can use the said browser. I just found one more application that many of use already knows. This application seems to fit perfectly to my expectations. The name of the application is ChromeMarks. This is a very handy tool for android. I just import everything in two seconds and I have over 300 favorites yet. I then removed a favorite on my PC, I refreshed / updated on my android also. The functions of this is quiet fine and it is easy to use also. In short, waiting for official support from Google, I found this solution more than satisfactory. I hope that this can be stable version.

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    re: I want to use chrome on Android

    I also found Dolphin as the most appropriate browser for Android. You can enjoy multiple advantage on this. But it recommended to go to use the full version of this web browser. The standard one is not simply recommend. What you get in full is more standard zoom levels, which also function properly. You get an option for bookmarks at a glance and you get a option of next page ink on that also. It is also allows you to get a faster access to the Explorer bar to enter a URL manually. There are better more browser right now available for that and you got use them. I recommend you to use the default one which is best option recommended for that. I am just looking for some browser that can provide better functionality support for the device.

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    re: I want to use chrome on Android

    I recommend you to use Opera Mini 5 beta. This is a nice browser which I am using. Opera is quiet a famous browser which is widely used and there is a similar version provided on the android also. There is a another browser which is called as Skyfire. The best thing about this browse ris that you get multiple unique features in this like a direct link to YouTube, MyVideo, DailyMotion , etc. It is compatible with all versions of Android. Another famous browser which is widely used on Android is Steel. It is one of the most popular alternatives to the default browser of Android smartphones by the Android Market. The browser in terms of its speed and functionality is the best one recommended for the Android platform.

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    Re: I want to use chrome on Android

    The most latest t version of Google Chrome has released some time before. You can download Google Chrome 9 by following the link I gave above, the official site for Google. If Google Chrome is already installed on your computer, you can update it easily from the main menu, then clicking About Google Chrome. For those interested, more than 800 bugs have been fixed in this new version, security and the speed was increased, particularly in the JavaScript execution, compatibility with HTML5 has increased dramatically and some small features that have made their appearance in the options. The same has a better support on android also. You do need to worry about the bugs for that. You can try out a stable version of that on your android.

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