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Thread: How to unblock blocked calls to find a specific number

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    How to unblock blocked calls to find a specific number

    Just few days back I received some life intimidating calls from a blocked number. I have just got an admission in an engineering college and have travelled a long way for my studies. I am using the T mobile phone, and am eager to know as to is there any way I can get the information about the blocked number. So is there a possible alternative so that I can unblock the blocked number and search for the number who gave me such a call

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    Re: How to unblock blocked calls to find a specific number

    I had a similar issue, what happened was someone called on my Verizon mobile phone from a blocked number and started giving threatening voice messages. So what I did was I called my mobile service provider and enquired about this serious issue and they said to first file a police complaint about the call and give them a detailed description of what exactly happened, they in return can get the information about that threatening call as they have certain rights with them. This is a better alternative rather than trying yourself to unblock the number.

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    Re: How to unblock blocked calls to find a specific number

    There is a way in which you can unblock the blocked numbers, using the Trapcall services. Trapcall gathers personal data and secure it in their database. You can use their services by registering for their services in which you will be required to give in your name, name, email id, along with the zip code. Trapcall also gathers data about your dealings with them, which even includes data about the services of TrapCall that you make use of. Once you are with them they automatically get and store the data on their servers from your browser, which even includes the information like the IP address.

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    Re: How to unblock blocked calls to find a specific number

    You donít have to worry much about this, because there is a way in which you can disclose the number of those who gave you such life threatening calls. Often such callers block their numbers and give prank calls, and so to disclose their identity you need to follow simple steps. This you can do using the TrapCall services. Basically what happens is when you get such calls the number is blocked, so what you need to do is simply reject the number, and here the TrapCall servers try unblocking the number. But the person trying to give you such calls will still hear ringing, after which your phone will again ring with the unblocked number this time, and now it depends on you to receive or reject the call.

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    Re: How to unblock blocked calls to find a specific number

    Using TrapCall is simply amazing and easy, using the TrapCall services you can not only unblock a particular number but you can even blacklist those mobile numbers who pose a threat to you. Once you blacklist a number, and if they try calling for the second time they are prompted with a message as to their number has been disconnected, and so they are unable to call you back, thus preventing you with getting such prank calls.

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