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Thread: Import the JPG images from a raw+jpg photo in ipad

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    Import the JPG images from a raw+jpg photo in ipad

    Realistically, I can't see any value in having my 16GB ipad download RAW images, especially if i'm travelling. I'd get some images on it, sure - but not many. And given I'm restricted from plugging in a HDD or anything to transfer the images off, you'd just need to avoid importing raw+jpeg images or fill up your ipad in 3 seconds flat.I see this working as a setting or preference someplace to say 'only grasp jpeg images from raw+jpeg', or at least to be capable to divide a raw+jpeg, and recognize the jpegs (perhaps with a select all jpeg type of option)Anyhow, I'd be amazed if I'm the only person with this problem , so I figured i'd post it as a submission.

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    Re: Import the JPG images from a raw+jpg photo in ipad

    Yes, as you said there is one way of splitting the image , that's first option. Perhaps I must explain what I want more obviously given this query.I only desire RAW - Il play with them afterward in lightroom, and I have no problem with that workflow. I enabled raw+jpeg with only to permit me to view the files without requiring to stuff about transforminh etc while I'm travelling. When I returned home, I give away the JPEGs and only set aside as the raw.So the JPEG is merely so that I can evaluate my work while I'm travelling to observe what I've done and what I like / dislike from the images so far (so that I don’tdo the t the same mistakes for the whole trip).

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    Re: Import the JPG images from a raw+jpg photo in ipad

    To my information the 7D itself won't allow met cover out file types for download.... I'm not certain that's actually the way to fix the issue either. I guess it'd be a achievable work around, but then so would carrying a notebook traveling (which is what i'd rather like to keep away from).It's a little annoying that it's a device that offers a set of function, then comparatively easy options get (file browsing etc) confused in the name of protection or 'ease of use'.I mean, if I required to be actually dodgey, a jailbroken ipad would do precisely what I wish for, but I actually don't consider in dodgey hacks to things that could possibly advantage many people if they were implemented.

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    Re: Import the JPG images from a raw+jpg photo in ipad

    I completely understand what you're attempting to do and, in fact, I have a alike workflow but without the iPad (I make use of an iMac). My camera always dumps everything that's on the SD card. For severe shooting, I deleted the JPGs and process RAW files in the course of LR and export as TIFF for added processing in PS/CS5. For family party images, I do the reverse. I deleted the RAW files and maintain the JPGs. In any occasion, I have not yet ought a CCK because of the issue that we're discussing currently .One possible resolution is to keep the whole thing on the SD cards until you obtain home and to delete the RAW files from the iPad.

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