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Thread: Go launcher not working on Android

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    Go launcher not working on Android

    I love the android phones because of its functionality and the available application for this. I am having the go launcher in my phone and I think that this is the best home launcher for the phone. But from last few days it is not working. I do not have any idea that how I can make that back to work. So please tell me that how can I do that and also tell me, if there is some other launcher fro android phones that can be used by me. So if you have any idea regarding that then please let me know that. Thank you.

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    Re: Go launcher not working on Android

    I would like to suggest you to use the ADW launcher and I am sure that you will not have any problem with that. ADW launcher is Opensource home substitution app. There are many features like Customizable desktop preview and Customizable application drawer. You will also get the customizable drag and drop act buttons, expose the Dockbar flicking-up app. ADW launcher experience equal to Wondows 7 home screens intended for widgets, shortcuts, bookmarks, as well as apps. You will able to control the screen panels from 3 to 7 whether you are having the Live wallpaper or not.

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    Re: Go launcher not working on Android

    Which version of the go launcher are you using? I am asking this to you because, it may be possible that the version that you are using may be having some problem with it or maybe it is corrupted and so you are getting this problem. My suggestion to you is to search for the latest version of that and then install that on your phone. I have seen many of the cases like this where installing the newest updates solves the issue. I hope that this will do the same for you also. Thank you.

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    Re: Go launcher not working on Android

    Have you tried to perform flash on the ROM? If not then you can try to do that and see if that can help you or not. I would like to tell you that MIUI is new big thing and this is the customized launcher for this. Other than this the "Itching Thumb" is also having the launcher component. This is majorly known to provide the palm-like multitasking on your phone. I hope that this post will help you in any manner. Please post back if the issue is resolves.

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