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Thread: Delete a single email address from the list of iphone

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    Delete a single email address from the list of iphone

    When I open Safari on my iPhone smartphone let us assume Yahoo. I press the plus key or the "Send Link" that is there on the bar at the bottom bar. The initial field is the email address. I type a letter, suppose I enter k, and the iPhone displays a list of all the "k" email addresses I have sent to before. Is there any way to delete a single email address from this list? Please help me out as it is really annoying me very much ?

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    Re: Delete a single email address from the list of iphone

    You must just be able to erase them from your contacts. Or else you have to to apply the ones you wish to a contact then clear the history.As mentioned above, the email addresses are saved within contact information- (well all mine are anyhow). So all you need to do is go to the contact on the phone vicinity on the iPhone, and then check over the contact details and erase their email address there.

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    Re: Delete a single email address from the list of iphone

    I have an issue as well , mine emails are also getting deleted that are not actually contacts ( and i think the original posters) is deleting emails that are NOT contacts, but someway are still saved as earlier sent addresses, and emerge like a idea when you enter something in a new email address, if i had a friend named Allen , I would have to type A-L-L-E-N just to get past these not reusable addresses that I no longer required.,they display as grey only instead it should display black contacts, and if attempt to add them to a contact, and then try to delete the contact, the address still stays.In fact, they even appear to stick around from deleted accounts. I make use of a spam filter email for craigslist, and I actually removed that account from my device phone, and the email is still there in my other email accounts.has anyone got any thoughts?

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    Re: Delete a single email address from the list of iphone

    I had a problem with one of my contacts that was because of this . It looked that my iphone was actually puzzled since the auto populate feature for email addresses was intrusive with the contact email. I talked to apple support and was told that the only method to remove the email addresses in the auto populate characteristic is that you can better perform or are advised to do an iphone restore and select to restore as a new phone. Do not do it from backup because it is not going to delete any of the saved addresses. You must essentially wipe out the iphone and start over like it is a new one . Although there is one disadvantage is all my web apps are gone from my iphone homepage and I for that I will have to re-sync the phone again

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