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Thread: Android phones in Japan

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    Android phones in Japan

    In the coming summer I will be moving to Japan to pursue my business management course. I have asked many representatives but have not got a satisfactory answer. People say that I would require a GSM kind of mobile phone so that I can make calls from Japan. So just wanted to know if I can use any Androids on a network of Japanese carrier . I would like a phone in which you even have 3G, I just need a phone to make some important local calls.

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    Re: Android phones in Japan

    In Japan you can try grabbing the Disney themed Android smartphone, this Android 3D mobile phone has great features like the screen size of about 3.8 inch, with fantastic touch screen technology, along with the camera of 9.6 mega pixel through which you can capture amazing pictures. This 3D Android gadget is fully loaded with features like GPS, Wi-Fi, a TV tuner, with e wallet option, Bluetooth, and a snapdragon processor with a speed of 1 GHz.

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    Re: Android phones in Japan

    NTT Docomo is a Japanese carrier who have introduced the first mobile phone which is based on the operating system of Google. This mobile phone is named as HT 03A, and has got awesome features like the camera of 3.2 mega pixel which can take good quality photos, along with a touch screen of along with a touch screen of 3.2 inch, including a microSD card slot for extra memory, with Bluetooth, GPS and even the Wi-Fi system. What is more interesting is that you can access the Android application store and download applications of your choice.

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    Re: Android phones in Japan

    There is one more Android mobile phone in the market of Japan, and that is the REGZA phone ISO 4 introduced by Toshiba. It features are similar to the Xperia, and has a sleek and stylish look. It has features such as the 4 inch screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, a snapdragon processor of around 1GHz, along with a micro SDHC slot for additional memory. It even includes a TV tuner, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, with a water proof case. And has a camera of 12.19 mega pixel.

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    Re: Android phones in Japan

    One Android mobile phone I would suggest is the ISO1 produced by Sharp. This phone has features like a touch screen of 5 inch, screen resolution of 960 x 480 pixels, a camera of about 5.27 mega pixel, has included a 4 GB of internal memory, a snapdragon processor of 1GHz. It even has features like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an FM transmitter, it has an IRDA support specially for Blu ray, and a TV tuner. It runs on Android 1.6 operating system, and weighs around 227g.

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