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Thread: How can I add video codec in WMP mobile

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    How can I add video codec in WMP mobile

    I wanted to ask if anyone has managed to incorporate in some way, or if there is a network of video codec with WMP to see the mobile video formats including Divx or Xvid and possibly other without needing to install soft as a core player and be able to update all codecs as possible on the PC desktop. So please if you guys have any suggestion on this then please help me and please try to do this as soon as it is possible for you guys. I just want to thank you guys in advance.

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    Re: How can I add video codec in WMP mobile

    Hello here actually I want some information on this from your side. And please try to do this as soon you can. First thing which I want to know that is how did you install the Net.Framework 3.5?? I have the phone you have (Samsung i200) from a few days, all I'm trying. If you do not ask too well I'll leave my email, maybe if you want more information on this then you can ask me over there.

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    Re: How can I add video codec in WMP mobile

    Hello the problem (I have not seen the error) at least in my case because I also had problems installing it is because it occupies a lot of memory and especially not let you install to memory card so I tried in two ways:
    1. Try to remove all soft, but I say all that are installed and then connect from the center of the cell devices and follow the steps on your PC
    2. If the accuracy does not work save all the data or make a nice Buckup remove the memory card and then do hard reset after you reset all the parameters before you install anything NET 3.5 install

    If this procedure does not go to a successful conclusion could be that your cell is a brand TIM, and then I try to changes the registry and then install some soft which is otherwise impossible to load. I do not be afraid to make hard reset, since my I-200 now I will have done to try some soft 2-300 found around the net, at least 50 times. Please help me on this.

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    Re: How can I add video codec in WMP mobile

    When I was going through the same so at that time I did a flash to the phone. And follow a guide which is given on the Microsoft website so if you want then you can also take help from that side. And through that I managed to install NET-Framework 3.5. But in this I am looking something extra n which I would like to record incoming and outgoing. I tried everything < VITO AUDIO NOTES, PVR LIVE, CALL RECORDER, RESCO,> They leave everything worked, including registration, but all without sound. If I record my voice without any phone call You hear it all very well.

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