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Thread: SPB Brain Evolution crashes in Nokia N900

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    SPB Brain Evolution crashes in Nokia N900

    Since from long time I have installed the game spb brain evolution games inside my Nokia N900 cell phone, it performed very well inside my cell phone, however recent days this game is not working properly inside my cell phone works, whenever I attempted to start the program of that SPB Brain Evolution it simply attempts to load and then the screen closes. So I required to make out if there are any log to see which is the problem or anyone have come across this situation where I m facing currently in my cell phone, because perhaps the other program is installed. So anyone have any idea regarding this then please reply on this.

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    Re: SPB Brain Evolution crashes in Nokia N900

    I think that it is a problem regarding a bug may have come across inside your game and hence it is causing such a problem regarding sudden black screen appear on your cell phone. You can try this code in order to solve your problem. For this you need to start the X terminal can perform the following task.
    1. Start the X terminal  from your mobile.
    2. Then you will require the code as 'sudo gainroot'
    3.  # cd /option/spbbrainevolution/usr/bin'
    4.  # cd /option/spbbrainevolution/usr/bin/spbbrainevolution
    If you can use it Opt instead of option then it will work better for you. But you try it both ways.

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    Re: SPB Brain Evolution crashes in Nokia N900

    I believe you mistyped there. There is a file known as libikmod. So I've attempted searching for that file without any luck. If ran lsof on the spbbrainevolution itself and I couldn't come across it using that shared object. So I tried to use the following code t fix the error in my cell phone
    Gain root
    root privilege access confirmed 
    # cd /opt/spbbrainevolution/user1/bin/
    # chown user .
    # rm music.raw

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    Re: SPB Brain Evolution crashes in Nokia N900

    First of all you can discover SPB Brain Evolution 2 in Ovi Store for free. At first quick look it looks like an additional set of logic games, but I get to like it from the very start. The game provide daily training with various games, counting simple arithmetic, memory training, visual recognition or strategic planning. For working this game efficiently you will require to download it from the OVI stores only and not other stores because the file may be corrupted and hence you can face the above problem inside the cell phone. In these games involves few minutes each day, making play additional challenging as you go forward. You have development history, high scores for and a small number of difficulty levels for every mini-game. Moreover you can make a small number of profiles, so you can without problems compete among your friends using the same N900 to play.

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